First Helicopter Made In Haiti by 3 Haitian Kids - It Can Fly!

True story from Hinche Haiti - Three Haitian brothers with no experience build a life size helicopter... The first Helicopter made in Haiti... and yes, they made it fly... do you believe this... Their chopper can fly... Total cost: $45,000 Haitian Dollars.

Helicopter made in Haiti

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so proud right now and unfortunately, I am unable to put all my emotions in this page.

Not only because the idea of a Helicopter made in Haiti is beyond belief... but also because... The first Helicopter made Haiti was made in my hometown of Hinche Haiti... by 3 Haitian kids with no experience... WOW...

Let me share with you a clip for the article "The Haitian brothers who want to fly" published by Inside

Depending on who you listen to, you can hear many defamatory descriptions of Haitian youth. Yes, it is true you'll find some of them walking the streets all day long, playing cards or dominoes, basketball or football. But these three brothers decided to show a different side of the youth....

... The brothers spent months performing in the city of Hinche, as well as in Port-au-Prince, because they were trying to save $45.000 Haitian dollars they needed to realize their dream: building this model helicopter...

... When they were kids, they were fascinated with the "ti totè", a local slang for helicopters...

... So they have been searching about helicopters for years before they finally figured out the mechanics of what makes helicopters fly....

... They began building the chopper in March 2007, and finished it in March 2008. The two participated in a local competition with their helicopter where they made it fly for several minutes, and won the first prize...

You want to hear the best part?

They don't want to sell it, not even for $13,000 US...

They want something more... Training and continued education... and they want the first Helicopter made in Haiti to become a part of Haiti's national heritage.

Oh boy! I have tears in my eyes as I write this...

Wow... What a story!

You heard about The Wright brothers, the two Americans who are generally credited with inventing and building the world's first successful airplane.

I don't care about the right now!

Many years ago a Haitian man told me some discouraging words. he said jokingly:

"Depi 1804 Haitien ap fe Ganmel, jiska prezan si yo pa mete yon wosh pou kore-l li pap chita dwat"

You know something Mr. Haitian man....

All that is about to change, I believe that now. no one can stop a group of Haitian people who are thirsty for knowledge.

Now the original article did not give the names of these 3 brothers!

Can somebody please tell me the name of these young Haitian inventors so I can update this article. And please email me some pictures if you have any.

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Ariel says...

I am looking for the contacts for these kids. Can anyone help

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Wilhelm Lemke says...

Please provide the names of the three Brothers (also emails and/or website)and any update that you may have on this story.


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Jean Claude Joseph says...

J'ai toujours ete fier de mon origine haitienne.

Comme tout autre people, la nation riche et pauvre peut produire beaucoup de talents.

Il suffit d'avoir la moyen, la patience et la perseverance pour reussir son reve. Il est vrai que ces jeunes n'avont pas beaucoup, mais avec le peut qu'ils ont, ensemble, ils ont demontre leur potential.

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Gerard Michel Joseph says...

Nous sommes un peuple comme tous les autres.

Nous avons une histoire, nous avons aussi un passe technologique en tant que race noire.

Nous devons renforcer nos capacites, identifier nos faiblesses, travailler avec en train pour surmonter les obstacles chemin faisant.

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Versaint says...

Beaucoup de choses et d'inventions pourraient être surgis si au moins l'encadrement social était structuré au profit de la jeunesse malgré toutes les ambiguïtés existant au sein d'un peuple aussi dépourvu comme le nôtre, dont les richesses ne subsitent que de la pensée, de l'imagination et de l'intelligence de toutes les nations quelle que soit leur

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Datboule says...

There are thousands of stories like this in Haiti.

Very nice to see this

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Jaystyle says...

I don't believe it .paskem te wer ti bagay sa devan airport la yon fwa .and it cannot

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Jaystyle says...

I don't believe it. paske-m te wer ti bagay sa devan airport la yon fwa. and it cannot

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Derek H says...

Congrats to these two youths, shows the spirit of Imhotep still

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Mintinfo says...

This is a great achievement.

Hopefully someone with the financial resources will assist these youth to further their

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