Evens Colas - A Haitian Father's Immigration Success Story

Here's a story you wont see everyday... A Haitian-American father, Evens Colas, brings his two kids to live with him in the United States despite the fact that DNA tests proved he was not their biological father...

Here is the story...

According to Florida Today, a local Brevard county florida newspaper, Evens Colas Mirelle Rosembert got married in Haiti back in 1995, they had two kids, Paul and Melisa.

When Evens tried to bring his kids the United States, a paternity test showed that he is not their biological father.

After a second DNA test, the U.S. government told Evens Colas if he wanted his kids to come live with him in the United States, he had to adopt Paul and Melissa.

Easy right?


The Haitian government told Evens that he could not adopt his own children... After all... their birth certificates say that he IS their daddy!

What happens next will surprise you...

Monche... Papa-m toujou gen yon senate l-al ekri tout la jounen... (My father is always bugging us to help him write letters to his senator)

This stuff works!

With the help of U.S. Sen. George LeMieux, Evens Colas was able to bring his kids here, in the United States, on visas as foreign relatives.

They now live in Palm Bay, Florida, and they will start school soon.

A Lesson Learned... Your Senator can help you!

I know many Haitian families who are on the same boat; they have kids in Haiti they are trying to bring to the United States and there are red tapes every where.

Whe all else fails, contact your local Senator or Congressman.

If you are a registered voter they will listen to you... and...

They might just help you...


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Pam Aguirre says...

I know Sue and Evens Colas.

Those kids couldn't have better parents.

They are the nicest most talented people I know. God bless them all. THEY did the right thing.

Pam and Joe Aguirre...rip it

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Evens Colas says...

Corrine Brown is being not doing her job. Send several letters to her and her staff.

Send them via US post so that they have to "SIGN ON DELIVERY".

That way you have documentation that her office received the letters.

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Haitian Joe says...

Well said world..About time to know your rights as a citizen of the greatest and most powerful country of

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Marie says...

Hello to you all
Seriously after what I've read I need a SENATOR OR CONGRESS MEN & VOTE OFTEN IF God

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Will Smith says...

"You wrote a letter to your congressman and you never get any feedback from Corrine Brown." Are you serious about that?

How long has it been?

If you are telling the truth, then your congressman needs to be fired! Any congress member or any elected offical in America has an obligation to response to any inquiries or letters from their constituents in a timely matter.

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Lover Man says...

Not in any case Congressman will help you because I get my niece that I need to bring here after 1/20/10. I wrote a letter to the Congressman, and I never get any feedback from Corrine

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