Electricity Has Been Restored in Petion Ville Haiti

Good news, Petion Ville now has electricity.

I was just talking toy a friend of mine who told that she has just received a text message from a friend in Haiti telling her that electricity has been restored in Petion Ville Haiti

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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

mon cher frere saint-preux, je suis en afrique au senegal, ou le president-WADE- fait un appel, a l o u a au sujet de mon pays haiti w.i des amerique, met, la, je n'es aucune nouvelles de ma femme et mes enfants sur delmas au n. 68-4 a l'etage de mon domicile je suis atriste' de la catatrophe qui nous touchent, je ne trouves pas les mots, pour dire les peines qui va a mon pays, que dieu nous viennent en aides et une pensee pour tous ces morts sur le sol de la,"LIBERTE" avec l'appel de, MAITRE-WADE-PRESIDENT DU SENEGAL" l'afrique prend conscience du role qu'haiti a jouez dans l'histoire

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Marie Elie says...

Enfin mon Dieu je ne sais quoi dire tout simplement: CONTINYER PRIE PRIE SAN

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Richard Lumarque says...

I am here in Petionville as i am writing this to you and that information is incorrect.

We are still running on generator and inverter power here. The traffic lights run on Solar panels so it is hard to tell for the rest of the city. I will check it out later and give you all an

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Andy says...

I glad for those who leave at Petion ville, that a good job, but I think yall should look out for the poor area first.kote tout vole yo chita ap viole ti medanm yo nan black out. please think about them who really need

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Beethoventznevil says...

c une fierte pour moi d entendre cette belle nouvelle et je te souhaite que les autres commune obtienent de l electricite aussi que Dieu protege ma cherie

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Lala T says...

That is awesome news to hear! I have a lot of family and friends thar reside in Petion Ville.

It is exciting to know what progress that Haiti is

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Josy says...

What are you doing in New Zealand my friend?

It is so cold there, and I would like to chat with you. Is there a Haitian community in New Zealand?

What do Haitians do there?

I know they are some of us in Russia, and I get all excited about our people living

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Rza says...

that is good news, now is it 24/7days a week. or is it just for a couple of hours and it is back to black out..

i will like to know more about

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Maya Dorcil says...

That is great news as i'm leaving New Zealand next Tuesday for journey back home to Petion-Ville, my hometown to visit and be with my dear Mother Fifie and family...Hope the rest of the Country gets their electricity restored very

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Nancy says...

This is good news. The people of Petion-Ville and my family will be able to watch television to see what is going on with the rest of Port-Au-Prince.

They will also be able to charge their cellphone to stay in touch with

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