Fact - Eating healthy plant-based foods in Haiti is cheaper than eating all that junk food

Eating a whole-foods plant-based diet is much cheaper in Haiti than eating all that processed and imported junk foods that is so bad for your health

PHOTO: Haiti - Lo Patat - How sweet potato is sold in street markets

Unfortunately, most Haitians will jump for a bowl of imported white rice or pasta than to eat some organic boiled sweet potato or some frech spinach from the local farm.

I don't know about the people in Port-au-Prince but, in the province where I live, if your primary focus is on plant-based foode like fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes, then you will certainly find plenty of that from local farms each and every week at the local farmers markets.

Besides, this should make up the majority of what you eat anyway. Right? this should be your priority.

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Seeds and nuts are not as popular in Haiti like in the United States but that's another story.

Haitians usually throw away the seeds when they cook a vegetable not knowing that seeds are great sources of healthy fats, vegetarian protein, fiber and antioxidant.

What about nuts?

The most popular nuts in Haiti are cashews (nwa) and peanuts (pistach). There is another little seed called "jijiri".

I think jijiri is sesame seed in English but I am not sure.

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Haiti Education says...

Manger un régime alimentaire à base de plantes et d'aliments complets en Haïti coûte beaucoup moins cher que de manger toute cette malbouffe transformée et importée qui est si mauvaise pour votre santé; mais la plupart des haïtiens vont sauter pour un bol de riz ou de pâtes importés que de la patate douce de la ferme

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Subject: Fact - Eating healthy plant-based foods in Haiti is cheaper than eating all that junk food edit

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