Earthquake In Cap-Haitien Haiti, School Collapse, 3 Dead!

We have just received an email from Claude, one of our readers saying: "Check that for me... Someone told me that Cap-Haitien was just hit by a 4.3 magnitude earthquake". Here is what we found out...

Earthquake in Cap Haitien

Two hours ago, the associated press released a news article titled "Red Cross says 3 die in Haitian school collapse"

According to the article, a school collapsed in Cap-Haitien and 3 children are dead. One of the walls in the school collapse around noon today, Monday Feb 15 2010.

Here is a quote from the article:

"Officials say the area saw heavy rains and a small earthquake overnight, though the cause of the collapse is not immediately clear. The quake was not recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey."

Do you know anyone from Cap-Haitien who can confirm that there was indeed an earthquake in Cap-Haitien?

Please reply to this article and tell us what you know.

Haiti Earthquake 2021 - a house in southern Haiti collapses   Tropical Storm Grace Soaks Earthquake Battered Haiti   A group of young Haitian Doctors Volunteer to help earthquake victims   Haiti Red Cross   Naomi Campbell   PHOTO: Haiti - Ruins of Sans Soucis Palace in Milot   PHOTO: Haitian Army soldiers clearing the rubble after the earthquake in Port-de-Paix   Wyclef Jean Holding His Green Card And Haitian Passport  

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Lauzanguiez Rubens says...

est ce que je peux avoir l adress mail de richard beauvais l acteur principal de la trace

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Maryse Jean-baptiste says...

We all need God'mercy upon us. We need to br closer to his instructions and commends!We owe God a lot of worshiping and praising
We are receiving a lot of messages from above and we need to pay attention and see what needs to be cleaned out in our

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Maryse Jean-baptiste says...

We all need God'mercy upon us. We need to br closer to his instructions and commends!We owe God a lot of worshiping and

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Legrand P. Salvant says...

This was not the result of an earthquake, even though one can tie this catastrophe to the tremors and the unsettling of the ground by the magnitude of the 12 January 2010 earthquake.

It has been raining in Cap-Haitien and the heavy stone from the mountain top in Carenage rolled down. I have seen this huge stone since I spent several years in the 70s in Carenage.

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Marie says...

I resad the article and dont understand
Was there an quark in Cap Haitian or not
some say there were one hit Cap-Haitian last Night
the others replied no ...was just rain
What if there were one last night and no one know for sure
I think Cap -haitians should take it seriousely and get

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Josy says...

We Christians believe in the resurrection, and the life to come. I personally cannot wait for it, and am waiting patiently for the second coming.

I suggest that we pray harder, read our bibles, and find a place to worship our Father.

We should not be discouraged, because Jesus is alive and on his way back. I should been dead a long time ago, and perhaps if Haitians had their ways not being born at all. Our brothers, and sisters like to play gods. I do not have to go into details, and my entire existence is full of miracles from my birth to today (2/15/2010).

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Woody says...

Oh my God!

So sorry to hear about your niece!

My condolences to you and your

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Werleigh Toussaint says...

it was not an earthquake.

The school is on the feet of a big mountain where hotel mont joly is. A big rock left the mountain hit the school walls.

seven dead including my 7 years old neice Pascale Toussaint, dauthger of the Pediatrician Paul Toussaint of Cap

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Patrick Dorsainvil says...

It was not an earthquake but rain and landslide that cause the collapse of one school and the death of 3

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