Dominican Ambassador Denies Plans to Bring Dominican Soldiers To Haiti

Ruben Silie, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Haiti, denies MINUSTAH's plans to bring 800 Dominican soldiers on Haitian soil.

Haiti neg maron dominican flag olive branch

The ambassador said that such a plan, for Domincan soldiers to step on Haitian soil under the banner of the Untied Nations, was never conceived by Dominican authorities.

Dominican newspaper El Día leaked out the information about this possibility earlier this week, stating that there was a meeting between high ranking officials of the Dominican Army and MINUSTAH with photos to prove it.

That's great news!

The conflict between the Dominican Republic and Haiti is complicated but not impossible to resolved.

Keep in mind... When Haiti became independent in 1804, We had a very powerful armed forces, the most powerful in the Caribbean, we invaded the Spanish side of the island in an attempt to unify the Island and to protect our borders.

Keep in mind... The Dominican Republic got it's independence from Haiti...

This is NOT a statement of pride, it is rather a fact of life, history, like it, hate it, it is what it is...

Haiti's might has weakened over the years... we all understand... racism... embargoes... seclusion... discrimination... you name it...

Even the catholic church turned their backs on us...

Small price to pay for "La Liberte!"

By fighting for freedom, by engaging in freedom fighting for other nations, we broke all the rules and we paid for our arrogance... We went from having a powerful army to NO army whatsoever!

Suddenly, foreign soldiers make of Haiti their permanent address...

Small price to pay for "La Liberte!"

To our brothers and sisters on the other side... You refuse to understand that we did what we had to do to, and it worked, and that it benefited both of us.

After all.. there are now TWO REPUPLICS in an island where once we were all slaves!

Sibling rivalry... Not bad... Nou pa pi mal ke sa... LOL!


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Vladimir says...

ok sak fe yo pa di yap voye teknisyen dominiken pito nan peyi a pou ki sa se solda yo vle voye nan yon peyi ki deja kraze Ayiti pa gen ge sivil la danl. Ayiti koulye a se moun ki kab konstri, bati peyi a nou bezwen, nou pa bezwen lame kanibal se travaye nou bezwen koulye

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Haitian Rebel says...

Not all Haitians hate Dominicans and not all Dominicans hate Haitians, some do and some don't but we cannot have anymore foreign soldiers on our land, we don't want the UN or U.S. here anymore, we want them all to leave us alone, all the NGO's (like the corrupt Red Cross).

We do not want any Dominican soldiers in Haiti, the U.N. keeps bringing Brazilian and other countries soldiers in our land, they are pissing off alot of Haitians.

They are slowing awaking the sleeping giant.

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Julner Remy says...

That's great, that won't be good for Haiti-Dominican soldiers on our soil- Epa sou te Dessaline, Toussaint L, Capois L te batay pou te fe nou lib lan. Neg yo genle t'ap resi

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Dr Antonio Pinchinat says...

Haiti and The Dominican Republic must help when

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Nic says...

if there are any one out there the haitian diaspora should start a petition and gather up to a couple millions signatures stating that the French goverment should give us our money back and the U S goverment should give us our gold back All these goverments know that one day that they would have to fork over those monies back one way or another so a petion that goes world wide would wake up a lot of people of good will and i bet you or anybody of good conscience that Haiti in no time would be in better shape regardless of who is leading it let us this petition going i am sure there are some haitians organizations that has that capability Money to build infracsture hospitals schools etc my brothers forget the Dominicans let us get what belongs to us because this time we would be asking for a hand out please pass on this message

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