Haitian Dogs - Best home security system in a third world country

In the United States, a dog is just a pet. Dogs in Haiti are more than just a dog pet in the house. A Haitian dog is your backyard security guard, WOOOFFFF...

Pets in Haiti - Dog in Haiti
Pets in Haiti - Dog in Haiti

A Dominican man once told me, having a dog in the back yard is your best home security when you live in a third world country like Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

A Haitian dog, big or small is your guard dog or watchdog to guard the property again unwanted intruders, day or night.

Let's be serious, there is no ADT security system in Haiti and most of the people living in the country do not have a security guard on watch while they sleep.

Haitian dogs are the first line of defense to deter thieves trying to enter into the yard (nan lakou a)

Unless you have a Haitian guard dog to bark away when a stranger enters the property, especially at night, you will have no way of knowing who or what s lurking in your back yard when you are in the house sleeping.

Do you live in Haiti?

How many dogs do you have at home?

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Haiti Securite says...

Aux États-Unis, un chien n'est qu'un animal de compagnie.

En Haïti, un chien est plus que cela. Un chien est votre gardien de sécurité pour votre arrière-cour, WOOOFFFF ...

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