Diri Kole, Kabrit Nan Sos - Time for a change

In every single Haitian restaurant you go to, they have the same dishes: Diri Kole.. Kabrit nan Sos...

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If you have a business in the Haitian community or if you plan to open a business in the Haitian community, there is something very important you need to know.

A Name is a very important thing!

A name can make or kill a business!

If you want to start a business...

  • Name your business appropriately.
  • Name all your products appropriately.
  • Stop using the same product name that everyone else is using.

Why do Haitians still use the basic ingredient name that makes up a product to name the product?

  • Diri ak pwa
  • Diri kole
  • Didi ak djondjon
  • Diri blan, sos pwa nwa
  • Poison nan sos
  • pwason gwo sel

The name makes it sound little, it makes it sound simple, it makes it plain.

That's is probably why and Haitian Restaurant is a "Plain" Haitian business that will never be categorized as "Fancy" as long as they keep serving "DIRI KOLE".

Somebody needs to give "DIRI KOLE" a dish birth certificate and a legitimate name.

and for your information, DIRI KOLE is not even a dish, it is a category if dishes.


  • Diri kole pwa nwa
  • Diri kile pwa wouj
  • Diri kole pwa vet
  • etc...

Is this boring or what?


because the names specifically defines the ingredients in the product, we are then limited to creating products that we can describe.

In other words, there is no room for creativity. Either you sell "diri Blanc" or your sell "diri kole"

In the mean time, some American restaurant businesses have cornered the American market just with a name. We can do that too!

Here are some basic examples:

Anyone can make a Hamburger and sell it but guess what?

  • If you want a Big Mac, you have to go to McDonald's.
  • If you want a Whopper, you have to go to Burger King.

They are both hamburgers but they not the same. What if they called it the McDonald's hamburger?

This is what you call branding.

You take something that anyone can make, you give it your own taste, your own flavor, but most importantly you have to give it your own name.

Why does your restaurant sell "diri kole" and "diri blan" when your customer can buy it anywhere?

If you give it a general name, why should they come back to your restaurant to buy more if it?

If a car is just a car, then answer these questions for me...

  • What is a Bens?
  • What is a Beamer?
  • What is an Escalade?
  • What is your favorite car?

All you have to do is tell me the make and model and I will know exactly what you are talking about.

What is your favorite Haitian dish? Good luck explaining that to me!

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