3 Differences between Bannann Miske and Bannann Fig (Plantains vs Bananas)

Haitian Cuisine -- There there are 3 major differences between bannan miske (plantains) and bannann fig (bananas) that you probably didn't know. Fnd out what they are right now.

Bannann Miske Haiti

Although Bannan miske and bannan fig are from the same family of herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa, Banann Miske or Plantains is different than bannann fig which is more classified as desert bananas.

What is the difference between plantains and bananas, bannann miske vs bannan fig?

Diference #1:

Bannann Miske is starchier and lower in sugar than bannann fig.

Difference #2:

Even when bannan miske is riped, what Haitians call "bannann mi", they are still greenish in color. It they reach the point where they do turn yellow or black, it means they are overripe.

Difference #3:

You can eat bannann fig raw when it is ripped, Haitians call it "fig mi" but you cannot really eat bannan mi because it is so high in starch, you have to give it a little boil first.

But they are equally delicious and Haitians love them both.

Is there any other difference you notice about plantains vs bananas? Let us know by posting a comment and we will update this article.

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Woody says...

Genyen 3 gro diferans an bannan miske ak bannan fig ke w pat konnen.

men yo...

1 - Bannan miske genyen plis farinn, sa yo rele starch an Angle, ke bannan fig

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