Denzel Washington, Eddy Murphy, and Will Smith are of Haitian decent?

Haitian Gossip - Denzel Washington, Eddy Murphy, and Will Smith are of Haitian decent?

Eddy Murphy, Will Smith, Denzel Washington

According to a message posted by Hugues Sanon on the Belfim message board this morning, Denzel Washington, Eddy Murphy, and Will Smith are of Haitian decent?

(Kreyol) - Dapre yon mesaj ke Hugues Sanon poste sou belfim maten-an, Denzel Washington, Eddy Murphy, avek Will Smith se desandan Haitien!

Read all about it here!

Li Mentione tou: Sidney Poitier, Jimmy Jean Louis, Garcelle Beauvais

I hope you speak French!

Somebody needs to do some digging on OPRAH!!! :)

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Nigel Michel Smith says...

I was born and raised in's always refreshing to speak about my origin when meeting others who share the

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Lucien says...

must be a reason they decline their origin if they know; or perhaps their parent for social financial reason they changed or adopted.

we can speculate but cannot

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Concern says...


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Concern says...

Nice the people of Haiti a very smart people I am happy to be married to

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Mac says...

Je voudrais lire l'article sur la descendance de ces trois acteurs

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Jb says...

Poukisa nou toujou beswen ap achete moun pou Haitien en?

Haitien genyen yon foli ke tout moun noir nan Hollywood se Haitien.

Banm Tete tande...

Kite mele mwen. Epi tou se yon wonte sa ye. Li fe Haitien paret tankou yon ti sousou ap achete figi

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Fritz Jules says...

President martelly and Laurent lamothe are haitian cause right now they're the only one try to get haiti back on

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Fritz Jules says...

They don't really care about us why should I care! All I know I'm proud to be

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Haitian Celebrity Gossip says...

Remember Trina McGee-Davis from Boy Meets World?

She is Haitian.

Her father was a Haitian political activist who, because of his comments on the evils of the former President of Haiti, Francois Duvalier ("Papa Doc"), had to run away from Haitian authorities, thus making him MIA from his family for years.

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Norma Jilles says...

about sidney poitier i was reading in holywood web about him, i read his father haitian descendent from bahamas but sidney born in miami while his mom and his father came for a vacation .his father was famer tomatoes who uses to came miami to sale vegie sidney born in miami accidently befor 2 months du to the date he suposely to be born.they did not think sidney were going to leaved but god had a plan for him .but this history i find in holywood web with denzel, eddy, will. plus a lot more holywood, beonce and

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Subject: Denzel Washington, Eddy Murphy, and Will Smith are of Haitian decent? edit

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