A Haitian Teacher says: I am educating the children of others while I cannot pay for my own child's education

PHOTO: Teaching in Haiti - A Haitian school teacher teaching a in a classroom A Haitian school teacher, Paulette Dorsilome, from Verrettes lashed out at Senator Youri Latortue Saturday asking that public school teachers get paid what is due to them by the state (l'Etat Haitien). more »

257 NGOs banned from operating in Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - NGO Class The Haitian government has just revoked the operating license of 257 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Haiti. more »

Electricity in Haiti: Peligre Hydroelectric Dam will be at full speed, 54 megawatts of Electricity, by April 2018

Haiti - Peligre Hydroelectric Plant Peligre hydroelectric power plant manager Ernst Cadet announced recently that the Peligre dam will go from providing 18 megawatts of electricity to 54 megawatts of electricity by April 2018. more »

Haiti First Lady installs Television sets for Women Prisoners in Cabaret Prison

PHOTO: Haiti - Martine Moise mete Television nan Prison Fanm yo nan Cabaret Haitian women prisoners in the Cabaret can now enjoy watching television inside the woman prison in Cabaret Haiti thanks to first lady Martine Moise. more »

Land in Haiti - 2 chunks of downtown Port-au-Prince taken over by government for public use (eminent domain)

Land For Sale in Haiti The Haitian government had decided it's time to enlarge the State University Hospital of Port-au-Prince (l'Hopital de l'Université d'Etat d'Haiti - HUEH) and construct a new building for the Haitian firefighters. To do that, 2 chunks of downtown Port-au-Prince have been taken over for public use (utilité publique). more »

Port-au-Prince Haiti is a stressful place, one resident said

PHOTO: Downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti, Zone Rue Des Casernes, Jul 2014 A young man, 33 years old, is telling a friend about his daily life experience in Port-au-Prince Haiti. It is a stressful place he says. more »

Most Dangerous Countries in the World - Haiti is BETTER than Most

Haiti vs Most Dangerous Countries in the World The 2017 list of the MOST dangerous counties in the world is out... Read this... HAITI is safer than Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, AND the United States... Let facts inform your choices... more »

Water in Haiti - Clean fresh water going to waste while others do not have it

Haiti Water Sanitation - Clean Running Water in Haiti While many people in Haiti wish thay had clean and fresh running water in their homes, in many parts of the country, that water goes to waste when they do get it. more »

Insecurity in Haiti - Haitian Journalists PLEASE, STOP IT!

Crime Scene in Haiti Did you know? In the United States, an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes occurred nationwide in 2015. How many violent crimes occurred in Haiti that same year? more »

Haiti would be better off without international aid, development expert said

Haiti Earthquake SOS sign Haiti is one of many poor countries where international aid has failed to fulfill its objectives. Despite billions of dollars being pumped in, little has changed since the disastrous earthquake of 2010, Joel Boutroue said. more »