It's Official, Miami's Little Haiti is now an Official City Neighborhood

PHOTO: Little Haiti Miami Neighborhood Boundaries Haitians in Florida cheered Thursday at Miami City Hall when commissioners voted unanimously to designate Little Haiti as an official Miami neighborhood... more »

World Vision Working in Plateau Central Haiti to increase use of Clean Water and Sanitation Services

World Vision Haiti World Vision is current working to increase the use of clean water and sanitation services in Plateau Central Haiti via their Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program... more »

Haiti: Food Security - The world has forgotten Haiti, a World Food Programme Executive said

PHOTO: Food Shortage in Haiti Haiti Food Crisis -- "The world has forgotten Haiti. This country has suffered through 3 years of drought, 2 years that were climate related, now El Nino drought," says Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme. more »

10 Facts About Hunger In Haiti - Read This...

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon bèl plat Diri Sòs Pwa ak Vyann bò Latibonit, 50 Goud The World Food Programme (WFP) recently released a list of 10 facts about Hunger in Haiti... Sad but true, these 10 facts are real and threaten the live of many if nothing is done about it... more »

Haiti - FIRE breaks out in Petionville, NO Fire Trucks, No POMPIERS where Rich People Live

PHOTO: Haiti Petionville Restaurant Fire - Old El Cubano Restaurant Can you believe this??? In Petionville Haiti, where the RICH people live, a FIRE breaks out in a restaurant and guess what... There's not a single Fire Truck in the commune, No "sapeurs-pompiers" in Petionville where rich people have millions of dollars invested... more »

Haitian Political Activist Fritz St Louis Murdered in Venezuela

PHOTO: Fritz St Louis, Haitian political activist in Venezuela Fritz St Louis, a political activist and member of the community of Haitian immigrants in Venezuela was assassinated Saturday by gunmen, Venezuelan authorities said... Fritz St Louis was shot many times by unknown gunmen at his residence... more »

246 PHOTOS: Haiti Funerailles Victim DIFE Hinche yo, gade...

Photo - Hinche Haiti, Funerailles Victim DIFE Pump Gasoline Funerailles victim Hinche yo finn chante Nan ville Hinche, anpil moun te reponn prezan, Madan prezidan Privert, anpil depute, plizye Senatè ak lot moun inportant nan vie National la... 246 Photos... Gade... more »

FLASH: Hinche Haiti Fire Victims Funeral At Place Charlemagne Peralte Today, Tuesday

PHOTO: Haiti - Gwo DIFE nan Ville Hinche, Yon Pump Gazoline Eksploze... Hinche Haiti - A public funerals will be held at the public square of the city of Hinche this morning, Tuesday, 22 Mar 2016, 10 am, for the victims of the gas station fire last Thursday... more »

FLASH: Haiti - A Bridge Collapes in Port-au-Prince Area

PHOTO : Haiti Bridge Collapse - Route Neuf Bridge in Port-au-Prince A bridge connecting the Artibonite and Centre region to Port-au-Prince has collapsed... The Bridge on 'Route Neuf" collapesed early this morning, Friday, 18 Mar 2016 more »

Haiti Police are on STRIKE?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Can the police go on Strike? It's been reported that some members of the Haitian National Police are on a 2-day strike, Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 Mar 2016... more »