Chill'ing in Canada, My First Canadian Winter Experience last week I told you that my flight to Montreal Canada was delayed because of a broken coffee maker?

I just got back from Montreal. Boy am I happy to be back.

Canada is cold but I think I was the only one who noticed.

See 44 Pictures of my winter in Canada.

I’ve been living in south Florida for about four years and I’ve been taking the nice Florida weather for granted.

On my way back from the grand Premiere of Carlo Saint Elot’s movie The 2 Weapons Of Life, the temperature over there was -10 degrees, that’s 10 degrees below zero.

See the movie premiere pictures here.

Not knowing how cold it gets over there, I started to complain in the car. I really thought it was too cold.

It was then that Paul B. Wachmann, the movie editor shocked the hell out of me:

â€"Ten degrees below zero,” he said, â€"that’s warm weather. Unless you hear the crack of snow under your feet, it’s not cold at all”

Although he didn't hear it himself, I hear the crack of the snow inside the car!

I read that in 1994, Canada winter temperatures dropped to 42 degrees below zero. I am so glad that Carlo decided to have his grand premiere early…

Early for them but for me, a Florida resident, 10 degrees below zero is Eskimo cold.

I am back in Florida, and the only way I am going back in that cold weather is if I get kidnapped.

My trip was wonderful. besides my obvious fear of the canada cold weather, and the movie premiere, I got to spend some quality time with "Docteur-Sister, Brother-Superstar, and Sister-Relax." they know who they are.

I also got to spend some time my older brother Jimmy, his wonderdul wife, my nieces and nephew who happens to be #1 little soccer player in Canada

Little man sure knows how to score!

I plan to spend Christmas and New Year with my parents in New York. I am holding my breath. Suddenly I have a COLD phobia.

It started snowing in Montreal late Sunday night and it did not stop snowing until it was time for me to go to the airport.

Here is the most shocking part… All flights were on time.

Have you ever been to a car wash? Fly out of Canada on a snowstorm and you they will take you to a plane wash!

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Monique Dessources says...




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Karen says...

i understand about your trip when i was in my 20's i used to go and visit my aunt every thanksgiving week i was crasy and i leave in a cold climate since i left haiti when i was 12 i'm almost 40 now i was nuts. i'm dreaming of going back to live in haiti but it does not seem to be a reality now. my hubby n i have a 4 yr old and another on the way the cold weather is very rough but Canada is the worst.

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Yvonne says...

I am happy that you have your first winter experience, the cold weather is nothing to me, I lived in New jersey for 25 years in the cold weather before I moved to south florida 6 years ago, I miss the snow very

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Nathalie says...

Canada is not that bad!!! That snowstorm was nothing...

ce n'est que le début de l'hiver...

maybe you should come during the summer, you might enjoy it

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Julus Diderot says...

my dreams its visit canada at the year 2008 so i would like to know what i must to

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Gerard says...

What a coincidence?

I just returned from Montreal also. You are right, it was brutally cold.

On my way back home (I live in Rhodes Island) It snowed all the way from Canada into Massachusetts.

I saw so many accidents, vehicles and trucks turned over on route 89.

Although, it is cold in Rhodes Island, it was much colder in Canada.

I am glad to home too with my family

Have a Happy

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Josianne Hall says...

Hi, Mr. Haiti.

I have been enjoying all of the stories you have sent me by email.

Through them I'm able to keep connected
with my haitian

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