Charbon - Charcoal In Haiti - Production Pired

How may people in Haiti do you know have a gas stove in their kitchen and still use Charcoal to cook???

Charbon - Charcoal Making in Haiti

It's 2012, why do people still use Charcoal (charbon) to cook in Haiti instead of natural gas?

Charcoal production continues in Haiti despite all the talks about deforestation and environmental disasters.

What? you think that I was joking about people with gas stoves still cooking with charcoal?

Se bagay tout bon wi m-ap di-w laa...

I know some people who have a gas stove in their indoor kitchen in Haiti and yet they have a little old-fashioned kitchen in the backyard, black as hell, still firing up that Charbon boy...

Ou dwe FOU... Servants aint allowed to "kwit manje" on the FOU!!!


I don't know... maybe they think the food taste better... maybe they just love that black smoke!

Is there any way to stop Haitians from cutting trees and producing charcoal as cooking fuel? I think there is.

1 - Sell very cheap gas stoves to the masses... Some people argue that they cannot afford a stove!

2 - Make cooking with propane gas way cheaper than cooking with Charbon/Charcoal

3 - Ban the sale of charcoal in the big cities.

I am no expert but that's what I would do.

Think about it for a minute: If there is a cheaper alternative to cooking with charcoal, the demand charcoal in Haiti will decrease exponentially...

No demand, No supply!
It's simple economics!

Unfortunately, it seems that l'Etat Haitien is affraid of the Ti Machann... Depi 10 machann chabon komanse rele anmweyyy... Tout depite, tout senate pete kouri!

Hmmmmm... Ala de koze papa!

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Urbain says...

I agree to make cooking with propane cheaper than using charcoal, but is propane made in Haiti?If not then the majority of people will not be able to afford stoves with propane.the government should help the private sector in investing in propane or methane production first then the stoves will come

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Eric D says...

There are solar cookers that can be made from inexpensive materials

we demonstrated these in villages in Haiti - cooked chicken in less than an hour. Once built these ovens cost nothing to run except the

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Marie says...

Is very funny this story
I like to recall about

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