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Tonton Bicha Replies to Le Nouvelliste about Flagrant Bakara Commercial

Tonton Bicha in a Haiti Rum Commercial The other day, Le Nouveliste wrote an article with the title: "Pour un rhum importé, Bicha avilit le vaudou et Barbancourt." Tonton Bicha was not to happy about that. So he wrote a letter to Le Nouveliste... Here is the English translation of that letter... more »

Say Hello to Mondiana J'hanne Pierre, Miss Haiti Universe 2013

Mondiana J'hanne Pierre - Miss Haiti Universe 2013 Did you know? Haitian beauty queen Mondiana J'hanne Pierre was crowned Miss Haiti Universe 2013. Mondiana will compete at the Miss Universe 2013 beauty pageant in Russia Saturday 09 Nov 2013... more »

Haiti Rhum Wars - Barbancourt Vs. Bakara - Tonton Bicha in the Hot seat

Tonton Bicha in a Haiti Rum Commercial Haitian actor Daniel Fils-Aime aka Tonton Bicha is in the hot seat because of his latest commercial for Bakara, a rum imported from the Dominican Republic into Haiti...The latest commercial is calling Bakara a "Rhum Culturel", that has upset a lot of people. more »

VIDEO: Como "Palito de Coco" haciendo sus palitos para vender

Palito de Coco Watch this video... Haitian street vendor turned superstar Rumai aka Palito de Coco walks into the kitchen and shows the world how he used to make those Palitos (coconut sweets) to sell... more »

Haitian runners ready to take on NYC Marathon

Haitian NYC Marathon Runners Five Haitian runners are set to take on the New York City Marathon on Sunday. The three men and two women, making their first visit to the U.S., are being sponsored by J/P Haitian Relief Organization, a nonprofit started by actor Sean Penn after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010. more »

Palito de Coco, Star of a TV Commercial to Sell Cars in the United States

Palito de Coco is now Selling Cars in the United States Haitian singer "Palito de Coco", has been hired as the star for the filming of a television commercial for a vehicle sales company in the United States... Play Palito's Ringtone inside the dealership and get an instant $500 discount... more »

The New Place Boyer in Petionville with a FULLY Equipped Gym? No Way...

Fully Equipped Gym, Place Boyer, Petionville Haiti "I went to Place Boyer this morning for my morning exercise and ran into a fully equipped outdoor gym with cardio and abdo equipment," says Ed Lozama, a famous Haitian radio personality. "Every neighborhood should have one..." --- WHAT??? Did you know? The newly renovated Place Boyer in Petionville Haiti has a full equipped gym with everything you need for your morning workout... FREE Trainers too! more »

Wanna take a picture with "Palito de Coco?" Get in line... LOL...

Palito De Coco surrounded by fans taking photos on their smartphones Look at this photo... Palito de Coco is surrounded by fans just waiting to take a picture with him... Eveyone is snap! snap! snapping pictures of Palito with their smartphones... more »

POLL: Reginald Cange "SAN BAB" - Good or Bad?

Reginald Cange in Zenglen Rezilta Music Video Yon ti dam ki ap foto Reginald Cange san bab... Li di: "O O... Gad kijan Reginald Cange vinn granmounn!" Mwen di-l: "Non se pa granmoun li vinn granmoun, se bab li li retire!" more »

WOW... About 1,360,000 results for "Palito de Coco"

Palito de Coco Google "Palito de Coco" and you will find about 1,360,000 results since a Haitian street vendor's song became famous in the Dominican Republic and across Latin America... more »