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VIDEO: Wyclef Jean Responds To Yele Haiti Scandals

Wyclef on Interview on MTV Wyclef Tells MTV 'History Will Protect Me' From the Yele Haiti Scandals... Watch the video... more »

Wyclef Charity YELE Haiti is Shutting Down

Yele Haiti YELE Haiti is GONE... Wyclef Jean's Haiti charity will soon be closed following allegations of financial mismanagement. more »

Wyclef run-in with Immigration in Canada.

Wyclef Jean Holding His Green Card And Haitian Passport Haitian hip-hop star Wyclef Jean had a little immigration problem in Canada over the weekend. apparently, Wyclef misplaced his Green Card and could not provide it to Canadian immigration officials in order to enter the country. more »

VIDEO: Justin Beiber Discovers a Gifted Haitian Talent

Drummer Agenor, Gifted Haitian Talent Watch this video... Justin Bieber introduces you to an amazing drummer from an orphanage in Haiti who made his own home made drum set and playing great music. more »

Fabiola Fameux, From Maissade to Miss PFUR Moscow, Russia

MOSCOW, Russia - Fabiola Fameux, a Haitian-Russian was crowned Miss Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) in the city of Moscow. more »

Whitney Houston Is Dead

Whitney Houston Breaking News - Singer Whitney Houston is Dead... Only 48 years old, Whitney is gone... more »

List of Haitian NFL Players

NFL Player Pierre Garcon Here the complete list of Haitians and American Football players of Haitian Descent playing in the NFL, the National Football league: more »

Sean Penn, The New Haitian Ambassador

Sean Penn Haiti The Travel Channel Sean Penn has become an ''ambassador at large'' for Haiti, where he has spent the last two years helping with relief efforts after it was struck by an earthquake. more »

VIDEO: Minister Farrakhan And Wyclef One-Hour Haiti Interview

Louis Farrakhan Watch this video --- Minister Louis Farrakhan and Wyclef Jean gave a Radio/TV interview to Haiti Radio Carraibes during his Haiti Visit. Listen to the questions asked and pay attention to Minister Farrakhan's replies... more »

Video: Kim Kardashian Modeling In Haiti, For Real...

Kim Kardashian and Mom Kris Jenner in Haiti Here is something you don't see everyday... Kim Kardashian, a Hollywood socialite modeling in Haiti... Cool... Paris Hilton must not be far behind LOL... Watch this video... more »