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Haiti Music - Mizik Mizik Singer Eric Charles is Dead

PHOTO: Haiti Singer Eric Charles - Mizik Mizik Haiti Music News - Eric Charles, the lead singer of Mizik Mizik died early morning Thursday, 25 Feb 2016 at Bernad Mevs Hospital in Port-au-Prince... more »

Laurent Lamothe Will be LIVE with Forbes Magazine at 4pm, Watch Live

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Tries on Google Glass Former Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe Will be LIVE with Forbes Contributor Devin Thorpe today, Thursday Feb 11 4:00pm Eastern, Tune in here to watch the interview live. more »

Haiti - Jean Jean Roosevelt Writes a SONG to support Liliane Pierre-Paul

PHOTO: Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist Haitian Singer Jean Jean Roosevelt Has just released a song in support of journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul in the midst of the Sweet Micky "Ti Lili Kanaval" Phenomenon... "Reste Debout Lili," (Keep your head up Lili) is the title the song... more »

Haiti - President Martelly's KANAVAL 2016 Song Getting International Media Attention

Shabba ak President Martelly ap pran plezi yo nan Kanaval Haiti Kanaval 2016 Update - The International Media is talking about President Michel Martelly's Sweet Micky KANAVAL 2016 Song Ti LILI "Bal Bannan Nan"... So far, articles appearing on The New York Post, The Guardian and Yahoo News describes it as Sexist and an attack on Journalists... more »

FLASH: Haiti Music - Singer Mickael Guirand Leaves CARIMI

PHOTO: Haiti Music - CARIMI Breaking News... Haiti Music band CARIMI has just lost the 'MI' in CARIMI... Leader Singer Mickael Guirand has decided quit the band, CARIMI, Effective immediately... more »

Haiti Inventions - Haitian Handyman Builds a Car out of Scrap Metal

PHOTO - Automobile Made in Haiti from Scrap Metal A broke and jobless Haitian man in the city of Miragoane had a lifelong dream of owing a car he could never afford to buy, so he decided to build his own car from scratch... Kosto Cadet's Made in Haiti automobile has become the biggest attraction and curiosity in Miragoane... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Black Alex is DEAD, This Time It is NOT a Rumor

PHOTO: Haiti - Back Alex There has been lot of rumor regarding the death of Haitian rap star Black Alex... This time it is NOT a rumor, Jamecy Alex Pierre aka Black Alex of the group King Posse is DEAD... He was 39... Rest in peace Black Alex... more »

Haiti Music - Singer Joe Trouillot Just Died in Canada

Joe Trouillot Haiti Music news -- We have just learned that Haitian singer Joe Trouillot just passey away Thursday afternoon in Montreal Canada, he was 93... Joe Trouillot has been singing since he was 14 years old... more »

Haiti - Top Adlerman di se Tout Bon li te fe Mouchwa Tounen Koulev nan Emission Pi Lwen Ke Zye

PHOTO: Haiti - Top Adlerman Scene Couleuvre ak Junior Rigolo, Pi Lwen Ke Zye Tande sa... Musicien Top Adlerman di sou antenne radio Caraibes FM ke se Tout Bon li te fe yon Mouchwa Tounen Koulev nan Emission Pi Lwen Ke Zye... more »

Haiti Music - Herold Christophe Body Finally Repatriated to Haiti, Buried Saturday

PHOTO: Herold Christophe After nearly one month since his death, the body of Haitian Singer Herold Christophe was finally repatriated to Haiti... The remains of the singer arrived in Cap-Haitien Friday morning. A funeral was held Saturday. more »