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Video - Palito de Coco, like Justin Beiber and Luis Miguel, Security and SUV

Palito de Coco Watch the video... Haitian street vendor turned superstar Román Dorlean aka Rumai aka "Palilto de Coco", just like Justin Beiber and Luis Miguel, is surrounded by security as he enters his SUV after visiting Telemicro, a television station in the Dominican Republic... more »

"Palito de Coco" - New Official Profesional VIDEO released

Palito de Coco Watch the newly released professional video of "Palito de Coco" the Haitian street vendor in the Dominican Republic who became an overnight superstar more »

"Palito de Coco", The Haitian Street Vendor in DR who Became a Superstar

Palito de Coco (Rumai) - Román Dorlean By now, you've probably heard about "Palito de Coco", a rare Haitian rags to riches music story coming out of the Dominican Republic. "Palito de Coco" they call him... He is not rich yet but some say he may soon become a millionaire! more »

FLASH... Haitian Singer Jean Michel Daudier is Dead!

Jean Michel Daudier BREAKING NEWS... We have just learned that Haitian singer Jean Michel Daudier has died. Sources tell us that the singer died of a massive heart attack this morning in Florida. more »

Cuban baseball player Jose Dariel Abreu establishes residency in Haiti in order to cash in

Jose Dariel Abreu - - Cuban baseball player with Haiti Residency What are the advantages of becoming a resident of Haiti? For Cuban baseball player Jose Dariel Abreu it could mean $50 million in guaranteed money in the Major League Baseball (MLB). more »

Haitian Marathon Runners to Participate In NYC Marathon

Haitian NYC Marathon Runners Five elite Haitian marathon runners will be participating in the 2013 ING New York City Marathon as part of J/P Haitian Relief Organization "The Long Run for Haiti" campaign in November. more »

TENNIS - 17yr Old Haitian Girl Victoria Duval wins BIG at the 2013 US Open!

Victoria Duval - Haitian Tennis Player Brace yourself... The next Venus Williams in the world of Tennis is Haitian... Victoria Duval, Vicky, has just won BIG in the first round of the 2013 US Open against 2011 champion Samantha Stosur in what, expert say, was a major upset. more »

VIDEO: Haiti On Ice, It is finally happening

Haiti On Ice - Haiti Ice Skating Event Watch the video... After much delays, the first ever figure skating show in Haiti is finally happening this week, the show started on Monday... more »

Kenscoff Mayor Blocks Foreign Media from Filming Inside Marketplace

Haiti - Groceries From the Local Marketplace A couple of celebrity chefs went to Kenscoff Haiti to tour a farmers market accompanied by journalists, the mayor of Kenscoff said no, they cannot come in. more »

Haitian-American singer Teri Moise commits suicide in Madrid Hotel

Teri Moise - Haitian-American Singer Haitian-American singer Teri Moise commits suicide in Madrid Hotel more »