Bill Clinton Wants The NGOs to Teach Haiti How To Fish

For a very long time, NGOs have been handing Haiti a fish. Bill Clinton wants them to teach Haiti HOW TO FISH. He wants them to put themselves out of business so that Haiti can grow and be self sufficient. Is this really possible?

Could this really happen?

Do you believe that aid groups and Non Governmental Organizations can really let go of poor little Haiti?

Oh... Come here boo boo... Walk for daddy...

Can aid groups finally AID Haiti to never... ever... repeat... this verse... Matthew 6 Verse 11... Ever again... when addressing another nation?


Matthew 6 Verse 11 man...

"Give us this day our daily bread"

"Donne-nous aujourd`hui notre pain quotidien"

"Manje nou bezwen an, ban nou-l jodi a"

Can this really happen?

Well that's what Bill Clinton wants.

Here are some clips from the article from the Associated Press:

"Every time we spend a dollar in Haiti from now on we have to ask ourselves, 'Does this have a long-term return? Are we helping them become more self-sufficient? ... Are we serious about working ourselves out of a job?'" Clinton said.

"Groups should make sure that the money they spend builds communities and infrastructure and creates local jobs", Clinton said.

Liz Blake, a senior vice president for Habitat for Humanity International, said that Clinton's words were inspiring and aid groups were willing to work with him, but what he was asking is difficult.




"Working yourself out of a job -- which is working to strengthen the government of Haiti so that the support and work of a nonprofit is no longer needed -- isn't a standard practice," she said.

In other words, as long as Haiti's bible is always open to Matthew 6 Verse 11, those who beg on Haiti's behalf will always have a job...

They never intended for a career change...

I bet you didn't know that! :)

Oh... Come here boo boo... Walk for daddy...

Uncle Bill... May you live to be a HUNDRED man...

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Judith Jolicoeur says...

I think we are pass the "its who fault" debate.

Have you been to Haiti?

The last time that you was there how many unfinish roads did you see next to a big tall wall?

Or roads with piles of trash?

What did you do to help or minamize the problem?

Lets fine a way out by putting fault a side and do our

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Judith Jolicoeur says...

Poverty in Haiti

Imagine yourself traveling to a third world country.

As soon as you step foot off the plane you have people begging you for money and the clothes off your back. Coming from the United States, it is hard to fathom why things we consider trash are things others consider treasure.

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Will Smith says...

Did we need a rocket scientist or a popular former US president to tell us that?

If we had leaders that care for our people, they could have used their leverage to stop these NGO's from brankrupting Haiti.

I would say kicked 85% of NGO out of Haiti and make stiff and strong laws to make them accountable for their

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Guy Cherubin says...

Woodring, Bill is right, but you and I know the NGOs is not going to do that, simply they salary depends on asking aid for Haiti.

However, the goverment must put pressure on the international community to help rebuild the country infustructure, begining with reliable roads.

We all know a country can not have a great GDP if si not self sufficient.

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