Be carefull when refilling your 5 gallon water bottles, especially in Haiti

True story... I went to a water bottle refilling station to purchase my clean drinking water. It wasn't until after the bottle was filled that I realized there was a foreign material inside the bottle.

Haiti Water Solutions -  Safe Drinking Water
Haiti Water Solutions - Safe Drinking Water

Apparently, the water might be clean but have you ever asked yourself the question: Is the bottle clean?

My suggestion to you is to clean and check you water bottles thoroughly before you take it the refilling stations to be refilled. Especially when in Haiti. Most of these stations simply shake a little bit of water in the bottle without even checking to see what's inside.

Warning: Your reusable water bottle can become a breeding ground for germs. So it is recommended that you wash the bottle with warm water and detergent before each refill. use a piece of cloth on the inside and shake is with a little bit of detergent to remove any slimy buildup that may have formed inside the bottle before you take it to be refilled. Your safety is your responsibility.

Water Treatment in Haiti - Reverse Osmosis

Even after your wash the water bottle, you should sanitize the water bottle with some beach. Be sure to rinse it well until all the bleach smell is gone.

In the Dominican Republic, for example, you go to a colmado with the empty bottle and you exchange it for another one pre-filled at the station. But in Haiti, for the most part, you have to take your own bottle to be refilled. And in these refill stations there are no bottle washers or sanitizers. So clean you bottles well.

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Haiti Water Treatment says...

Mezanmi fè atansyon pou w pa pran move maladi nan zafè plen boutey dlo pou bwè, sitou en Haiti.

Dlo a ka trete epi ou soti ak galon w tou sal tou kontamine depi lakay ou. Lave galon yo avan w al plen

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