Barack Obama, A Pretty Picture In Haiti

Yesterday I went to the US Embassy in Haiti to renew my son's US passport and I noticed 3 pictures on the wall in the embassy's US Citizen lounge. <br /> <br />

  • A picture of Georges W. Bush, <br />
  • a picture of Vice President Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney,
  • and a picture of Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice

and I started thinking: "Man, it will feel so good too see a picture of a Black US President next year on the wall of the US Embassy in Haiti." <br /> <br />Considering that we Haitians are the inventors of Black Freedom in the new world, considering that Haiti was the first country in the new world where slavery was forever abolished, having a black man as the president of the United States, the most powerful country in the world, means a lot more to us than most people. <br /> <br />We fought for it, we won the battle, we paid the price, and we have the scars to prove it. <br /> <br />Until this day other nations are still trying to belittle and undermind our potential and our accomplishments but... pa okipe-w ti mal... we know who we are. <br /> <br />As a citizen of "The Republic Of Haiti" your pride is your birthmark, carry it well, your flag is your beacon, display it whereever you go, nobody can take that away from you. <br /> <br />Many people may call Haiti "the poorest country in the new world," yes, we have our fair share of problems, we are still struggling to aim in the same direction, we are still trying to get along, we are still trying to get our political engine up and running, our bad habits get more headlines than the goodness in our hearts, but we are nonetheless citizens of "The Republic of Haiti." <br /> <br />Whether you like it or not we are "The Republic Of Haiti," the first country in the world where a black man can be whatever he wants to be. <br /> <br />Yes We Can! <br /> <br />What does it mean for Haitians to see a Black man as President of The United States? <br /> <br />It means that our heroes did not fight in vain and Haitians did not fight a selfish battle in the early 19th century. <br /> <br />It means that our cry for liberty and fredom did resonate around the world, our liberty torch was too bright for the world not to notice, our cry for freedom was too loud for the world not to hear. <br /> <br />I must admit to you, a lot went through my mind while sitting at the US embassy in Haiti as my 6 year old American son began to ask me "Why is there an eagle above the flag pole dad?" <br /> <br />It's the Bald Eagle son," I replied, "it's the symbol of the United States of America." <br />

I was still staring at the wall, still, envisioning the picture of "Barack Obama, President of The United States Of America."

What a day this will be! <br />

To add to my happiness, I just read an email that "Obama promises Caribbean total debt write-off if elected president" in which Haiti is mentioned. <br /> <br />It gives me hope. It make me think that, CHANGE is coming to Haiti. <br /> <br />What do you know, It looks like "CHANGE" is coming to Haiti! <br /> <br />What can I say: Viva Obama! <br /> <br />I hope he understands that, had it not been for Haiti's fight for independence, had it not been for Haiti's cry for freedom, CHANGE for him would be very unlikely.

It's time to pay the piper! <br /> <br />I am Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Marie says...




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Marie Andre says...

I am proude of you
Keep your pride up and your contry hope

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Marie Andre says...

Dont be ashamed of who your are and where you come from
Like history foretold you can run but you cant hide
Is like the hypocrisy do
You left your contry behind in shame of knowing your pride
But when History been revealed you make a jump and say
You have to be pride of who you are but not what you contry had been going

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Marie Andre says...

Like it had been said into the voice of all Black Ancestorship of Haitians peoples,
We had cried out for freedom and a Symbol of courage and sacrifice
We had been drop too much blood and been in the dark too

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Franck says...

Woody, I applaud your email and your reflexion while in the US Embassy.

Keep up the good work. God

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Bishop Israel C. Madueke says...

As the Bishop of Winning In Life Church International in Nigeria believe strongly that this time around that black president will be the next picture in the walls of every American Embassies in all the countries the world.And that person is Obama.

Bishop Israel Chukwudubem Madueke
Winning In Life Church International
28,Obiri Street
P.O.BOX 468
Ebonyi State

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Cherline says...

yes we can! you could not have it any other way. "President Obama" need to know and understand it. To make it thus far, I choose to vote Obama.

Haitians first and all oppressed people need to remember HAITI will forever

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Tido says...

Buddy, this messages from you are very impress, delightful and powerful.

Thanks for the hard work of you. I also say "yes change is on the way for us." That shall or will come soon...

I believe even we are going through rough moment, but very soon it will be our season, time and moment to receive the blessing without measure that Lord had store for us..may God

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Woodring Saint Preux says...

Usually I read your comments silently without replying to each individual comment.

However placing me in the same level as that of Wyclef Jean, all I can say is WOW!

Wyclef Jean has done a lot both nationally and Internationally and he has represented his country in a glorious manner.

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Dominique Jean Francois says...

Haiti is not a poor country but has poor leaders.

Poor leaders, making bad decisions in the governmanship put us in a position of vulnerability.Our resources have been always stolen by the invaders in compromission with our poor leaders.

When arise the true leaders, nobody will be able to talk of Haiti as a poor country.

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