Back To School in Haiti Postponed

Back to school date in Haiti has been postponed from September 12 to October 2.

Students in Haiti were scheduled to go back to school on September 12 but due to the political situation in Haiti, it's been delayed.

What do you think about that?

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Martine Civil says...

That is fine ...

Here in the united states when we have big storm or snow or any kind of Emergency school are post pone by different date. So it is Legitimated by law if a country has a political issue that need to be resolve please let it be at it own discretion.

No flame to this matter please people no caos the situation is very

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Myrtho says...

I was looking at the photos the children seem very excited to go back to school.They must feel be very disappointed but everything happens for a reason.The postponement will give parents enough time to get better preparation for the new school year. I think the president will find a way to help families for the new school year knowing that children are the future of a country and education is the key to

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Victor Jean-pierre says...

Haiti from this past 20 something years is all about delay anyway !But its sad for those who want to learn and make a future for them self.Its so

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Ing.haspyl Lazarre says...

The first thing that the president has to do is to review the fee entrance that schools`owners are asking parents to pay.That is a politic of STRANGULATION and ANTIHATIANISM to give a certain promotion to our elimination on the planet.

I went to EXCELLENCE COLLEGE, Thomassin 32 to get my kids enrolled.The director wanted to put them in a level four times lower that shown by their notes, since they were studying in a foreing contry.

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Mira says...

I am sure they are doing what is best for the students.

The school year in Haiti is too long and I think a delay will help the parents get ready with materials and school supplies.

There is a need for restructuring in the haitian public school system.

as an educator, I would welcome the opportunity to

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