The first thing that the president has to do is to review the...

Ing.haspyl Lazarre - August 25 2011, 10:32 AM

The first thing that the president has to do is to review the fee entrance that schools`owners are asking parents to pay.That is a politic of STRANGULATION and ANTIHATIANISM to give a certain promotion to our elimination on the planet.

I went to EXCELLENCE COLLEGE, Thomassin 32 to get my kids enrolled.The director wanted to put them in a level four times lower that shown by their notes, since they were studying in a foreing contry.

These kinds of actions are very big psychologic problems for kids.The president must change this situation for the wellbeing of the nation.

Parents should not not pay more than 1,500 gourdes for the entrance of a kid to school, whatever the school.And we should consider what to pay per month since they have to pay teachers.The government should make an investigation in each school in order to oblige schools` owners to pay good salaries to teachers.But it is not a reason to ask all the money of the world to parents.

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