AP Confirms, Wyclef WILL Run For President

The Associated Press has just confirmed that Wyclef Jean is about to announce his candidacy for president of Haiti.

The Wyclef Factor

This news was confirmed by Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques, the former head of Haiti's Chamber of Deputies (Chambre Des Deputes).

Former Deputy Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques told The Associated Press that the hip hop superstar, Wyclef Jean, will run for president as part of his coalition in the November election.

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Betina Jeanmary says...

Why election now?

is haiti ready to have an election so soon after that big disaster.

I think President Preval should stay for one more term so the people can focus on rebuild haiti and take their time to choose a right leadership.Beside, I do understand that Wyclef truly love his country.

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Guy Comeau says...

Miggy, I believe that you take this too seriously.

The blog was not a national threat.

It was merely suggested that if Wyclef is running for presidency and if hot heads are willing to vote for him solely on popularity, then, us as true Haitians might have to look for other options.

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Patrick says...

I just don't know what to say. only one thing, I hope wyclef know where is going to put him

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Miggy says...

Why are so judgmental of me liking Wyclef.

Please open your mind.

I judge Wyclef by his ACTIONS, not by his only words.

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Miggy says...

Everyone has their own process of transformation.

It does not matter how they exhibit that.

Question yourself.

What kind of transformation have you gone through in the past in your life. Did you exhibit it and how?

Brother I am sure you did?

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Miggy says...

I have no doubt that you are from the ELITE/MULATTOES families who live in the mountains of Haiti, where you'all have created your own beautiful, well run, private Haiti there.

While the other sides of Haiti has been suffering for the past 200 years

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A Che says...

It is not about Wyclef.

It's about Haiti and the people.

So, I font gay it when you say you're excited for him. What does that mean?

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Guy Comeau says...

Don't you people understand Wyclef Jean?

Did you think he was wearing the Haitian flag for nothing?

Did not you get the symbol of him lying in the coffin?

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Guy Comeau says...

Haiti is too much in crisis to play popularity contest with Wyclef Jean. If Charles Henry Baker does not win the presidency, there is no hope for Haiti.

I would then suggest that some Haitians pack their bags to leave Haiti and TO NEVER LOOK BACK.
A word of advice to Haitians abroad to ignore Haiti as a lot of us are starting to

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Miggy says...

I can not wait!!!

I see the guy transforming Haiti if given the chance to do it.

I am very excited for

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