Americans Are Upset Over Pat Robertson's Haiti Comment

The American people are very upset at US evangelical preacher Pat Robertson for the stupid comment he made about the Haitian people in their darkest hour.

Pat Robertson, Haiti, and the Devil

Pat Robertson says the reason Haiti got hit by this massive earthquake is because the Haitian people made a pact with devil in exchange for their freedom!

What a stupid ridiculous thing to say when thousands of innocent people lay dead after a natural disaster!

And to think... He is a Christian! A man of God!

I just read a comment posted on our blog by Lynn Albers apologizing to the Haitian people for his stupid comment.

In her comment she says:

If I can offer my sincere apology for his ludicrous statement, let this be it ten thousand times over. Please, please know that Americans do NOT share his viewpoint. We are weeping for your nation and pledge to do whatever we can to help you.

Read her full statement here.

Thank you, Lynn, we appreciate it.

Even the US The White House has dismissed as stupid comments by evangelist broadcaster Pat Robertson suggesting that quake-struck Haiti was cursed.

Spokesman Robert Gibbs said he was amazed by the remarks.

Here is the Dumb remark by Robertson about Haiti:

And you know, Kristi, something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it.

They were under the heel of the French, uh, you know Napoleon the 3rd and whatever, and they got together and swore a pact to the Devil.

They said, 'We will serve you if you'll get us free from the French.'

True story.

And so the Devil said, 'Okay, it's a deal.'

And, uh, they kicked the French out, you know, with Haitians revolted and got themselves free.

But ever since they have been cursed by, by one thing after another, desperately poor.

So basically... He is suggesting that we should have remained slaves in the name of the Lord!

What an Idiot!

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Mizeliah says...

Ki tit liv la eske liv la te di ke pe Haitian te siyin kontra ak satan tout bon. Gin le se ou minm ak Pat selman ki byin infome.

Antouka mwin ta rinmin kon-n si se vre, paske li se verite se konye-a nou gin travay pou nou fe.

P.S. Ma-p tann repons

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Carmella Wilson says...

Pat Roberson a racist fool. I pray he die for saying such horrible thing about my afikan

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Pierre F. Lherisson says...

According to several mythologies around the world including the Haitian mythology, when you sign a pact with the devil you get every material comfort at your disposal.

This is not the case for Haiti.

Pat Robertson should make his mea culpa by conceding his worthlessness and the worthlessness of his imaginary god and devil.

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Frantz Turene says...

Dear Loggers:

Pat Roberson needs to surround himself to GOD, IT SEEMS THAT HE SERVES DEMON NOT GOD WE BELIEVE IN. I am Haitian I was devasted by his horrible comment.

I am so happy to thank you 1 million times to all Americans and other brave caring heart people around the world stand tall to help Haiti.

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Martine says...

your phrase in french is translated in english like this whom who laugh good will be the last to

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Marie Elie says...

Pat your are a foolish preacher to say somethings like that about haiti don't you have a heart for all those inonsent people that died there for you don.t have a family So if you don.t have anything to say just shut up.and get off the

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Marc Evens Harlem says...

I am Haitian, leaving in Haiti, i am very disappointed to read something like that from a "Man of God".

From away it's easy to comments about the Haitian Matter, it's why i feel deeply hurt, when i am thinking about how bad is my country, how sad we are, every day we are crying for our parents and friends who passed away, for the future of our children, our country, thinking about what we gonna for leaving.

So even if we are crying now, but we still proud to be the first black people independent, whatever a crazy can think about the independence.

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Josy says...

Haitians should pray, fast, and have a revival in the country ASAP. We should ask God to forgive, and have mercy on us. We need to give up our old ways, and become more spiritual.

I believe we just got spanked, and our Father is trying to get our attention.

Our old ways of doing things are not working, so we need to go with the program.

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Makennezie says...

wi sa paste'a di a severite, wi paske m sonje lontan lem te timoun.

mwen te nan siziem seconder.mwen tap li yon live.Live sa ka met dlo nanje anpil moun si nou arive li livesa.

E jist kounye a an ap sevi bet kirele satan poukisa nou pafe' you chen de priyer pou nou we'si nou taretire pe'p bondye a nan sa li ye a.Si nou plem paster a.Se paske laplipa nan nou

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Thomas says...

I don't think we should waste time make comments about that idiot comments, may be one of this day i wll say like the others and forgive him but honestly, a guy like that stand in front of me we a such remaks, so help me god, i would show him what the devil could do to him and then and proudly go to jail as a proud haitian and would never feel sorry for what i have done to him.
broters and sisters llet us not get distract by such comments, we need to stay put, focus and think how we going to get our contry rebuild together we can do italong with all the others who stand with us, i hope that idiot live long enough to see us reunited as one nation and work together to rebuild our

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