Is Alan Cave Leaving Zin?

There is a rumor that Alan Cave Got a deal with Sony and is leaving group Zin..

Alan Cave


There is a nice article on Konpadirek about the fame of Alan Cave of Zin. I think you might like to hear this one

Here's a clip...

"One thing I do know for sure is that there's a member in Zin who's getting tired and annoyed of hearing AC this AC that. I have also been told that the green monster have bombarded this band. I am not sure if you guys notice, but now they are more and more referring to the group as AC and Zin."

More info at

They are even mentioning using AC's name for a new line of lingerie. Wouldn't you ladies like that

Update march 20, 2002: I've been told by a friend of mind in Spring Valley, NY that there is definitely something going on with Alan and Zin, I've been told that he does not attend all the Zin Parties

My 2 cents: In the Haitian Community, you start out as a group, you stick together as a group, don't let the "Star" attitude get ahead of you.

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Rsl says...

Are you people kidding! that is so disrespecful to consider hanging up such a great group because the members are getting into age. Wow! can we ask that of the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Jay Z, is in his 40's and still rapping, Tropicana, Tabou, etc..Think before you type your comments.

If you dont have something nice to say, then silence.

Zin is Great! Alan is wonderful and he have to branch out to better things if he want Support him. I

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Jesisca says...

ya that might happen but no one is for

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Lavie says...

I am sorry but we need to learn how to appreciate our Haitian performers not enouging them to fall. Nia is a great performer but she is a product of Zin and while she can, no doubt, perform zin is what makes her look good. I love seeing her but onnly with zin. I saw Nia singing with others including Carimi but it is never like watching her glowing with Zin. Nia will remain a great singer with Zin without Zin, I am not sure. BTW, the latest album from ZIN has a couple of nice songs.

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G says...

I love ZIN but I'm glad Alan is leaving.

He is too old and its not like he is a Gazman from (Nu Look) or a Gracia from (Mass Compa).

Those guys aren't young neither but they know how to make good music, and their proformances are on point.

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Topic says...

J'étais l'une des premières fan du groupe Zin à sa sortie en Haïti en 88, je trouvais ce band fabuleux.

1 chanteur beau avec une voix hypnotisante (Alan), deux danseuses aux talents incroyables aussi bien en chant et en danse qui, sur une scène donnent tous ce qu'elles ont dans le ventre pour vous faire vibrer.

Zin était au sommet, à chaque apparition que ce soit en Haïti, aux USA ou en France, le maître mot était "c'est du jamais vu".

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Topic says...

I went to Cafe Alta on the 2nd of september, Zin was not there.

I am from out of state.

I was so mad because I called the place before going and they told me that Zin will be there.

Zin is messing up big time. It's not what it used to be. I used to be a big fan of them, but now they can forget it. Especially with that Mia.
She's got to

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Topic says...

First and formost Alan Cave is everything to ZIN.

He's the lead vocalist, he's FINE with a capital F I N E.
The reason y I wouldn't want him to leave ZIN is because they've been through so much together.

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Topic says...

The reason y i said that. Think about it tell me something Ever since.

We've known Zin haven't you always seen Alan Cave?

But seriously meant what i

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Topic says...

I have a question for ya. Why did u say that if Alan Cave is thinking like that, that means zin will not be the same

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Topic says...

I mean what u said was the honest truth.

I mean if Alan cave starts to think like that. that means Zin wont be the same

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