After hours of trying, I have recovered my laptop

Without sounding too much like a geek, let me tell you that it is freakin difficult to restore your computer from a failing hard drive... Most computers these days have a recovery system I hope you do lots of backup before your system's hard drive actually fails.

Laptop computer recovery screen

Did you you read my story about the day I dropped my laptop?

After the incident, my hard drive started to fail on me. And every time I try do perform a system backup, it wouldn't let me. Finally the freaking thing stopped working altogether...

By that time I had already purchased a new hard drive and I am not going to go into details about how I finally got the recovery system of the failed harddive to restore on the new hard drive except to say... It took me hours of pulling my hair...

I am back in business...

All I gotta do now is re-install all the sofwares I had on the laptop... and to try to recover as much of my files and configurations as I can... That's gonna take some time but it'sn better than nothing...

What do you think about this?

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Subject: After hours of trying, I have recovered my laptop edit

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