4 out of 10 Haitians Are Under The Age Of 14?

The Haitian population is booming and this is a big problem. Four in 10 Haitians are under the age of 14... Did you know that?

According to an article I just read, the Haitian population is growing by almost 2 percent each year.

That means, assuming that there are really 9 million people in Haiti, 180,000 babies are born each year.

It may not seem like a lot but... in 10 years, that 1.8 million mouths to feed!

Good for Western Union and CAM Transfert...
BAD for us here in the Diaspora...

Who's going to feed them? The unemployment rate in Haiti is 70-80%!
Please don't shoot the messenger...

Here is another fact for you...

The population in Port-au-Prince (3 million strong) is expected to DOUBLE in the next 15 years!

Nota Bene...

Haiti has a very large Diaspora too... You think it is worth taking that into account?

I mean, I live in the Diaspora and I got TWO kids... Under 14 LOL....

My brothers and sisters... They... Ohhhh Boy... We have a small army... LOL


What does this all mean to you and to the future of Haiti?

Rely with your comments

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Josy says...

I am glad to hear that, and we have a chance to save many young

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Jenny says...


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Nicolas Ronel says...

I think, you are right.

Haiti is a country where there is no control about nothing even the birth rate. it's very determinant to master those datas in order to know what politics to apply for the future of the country.

who will do this?

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Msvirgile says...

This why it is crucial that planned parenthood programs and birth control programs should be implemented in the country...

The country is in dire need of education in every facet...there is also the need for job development and agricultural

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Dubs says...

problem nan se pa comoayi mete bagay sa pou ayisien problem nan se ayisien pa gin travay sel sa yo gitin se fe l'anmou si copayi mete kote pou moun travay ayisien pap gin tan pou fe l'anmou minm jan a america et an plu pou govenman an montre parean koman pou you leve timoun yo piu yo pa ale fe bagay pou yo pa gin

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Garry Destin says...

If we end up with a good and smart government, it is good. Great for an army and marvelous as consumers.

If and only if the government educate

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John says...

Mwen panse ke yon konpayi ta sipoze mete slogan deyo pou moun yo kon nen chak fanmi kapab fe 2 timoun selman pa fe plis ke 2 san pasa wouap tonbe nan problem epi mete proteksyon pou yo a bon mache, paske gen peyi grenn planin kote mouens ke yon dola ameriken sa ta bon pou

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