FLASH: Chile Deports 239 Haitians

Chile is Deporting Haitians... The Republic of Chile has decided to return 239 Haitian citizens back to their home country. The deportation of Haitians traveling to Chile has begun.

Breaking News: Haiti Airport overloaded with young Haitians going to Chile

According to news reports, Chilean officials discovered that most of these people that were deported all had reservations in the same Hotel. That triggered an investigation and they found out these reservations were not confirmed.

While Haitians can travel as tourists to Chile without a visa for a stay not longer than 90 days, over 150,000 Haitians have used this avenue to leave their country for good seeking a better life in their new South-American promised land.

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Haiti Nouvelles Le Chili est en train d'expulser des Haitiens... La République du Chili a décidé de renvoyer 239 citoyens haitiens dans leur pays... see more
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