18 Novembre, A great day for Haitians and All Black People!

November 18 is a great day, not just for Haitians, but for all black people around the world. November 18 marks the beginning of the end of slavery, not just in Haiti, but in the entire world.

Haiti Battle of Vertieres
Haiti Battle of Vertieres

If you study the history of the United States, you may have heard about The Louisiana Purchase but did you know that it has a direct correlation with the Haitian war of independence?

Let me tell you how it's all connected:

In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte sent 30,000 of his best troops to Haiti with to intention to re-establish slavery but the Haitian people said "Over our dead body!"

The brave Haitian army, led by Haitian General Toussaint Louverture and later, General Jean-Jacques Dessalines fought with the French army led by General Comte de Rochambeau until...

On November 18th 1803, in the great Battle of Vertieres, The Haitian Army, under the command of General Jean-Jacques Dessalines and General Alexandre Petion, defeated Rochambeau and his powerful French army.

This defeat sent shockwaves around the world and weakened Napoleon's army.

Many things happened around the world as a direct result of this French defeat by the Haitian army at the Battle of Vertieres, on November 18th 1803.

Here are just a few:

  • Haiti became the first black Republic in the world
  • The United States doubled in size because of the Battle of Vertieres (See: The Louisiana Purchase, Product of The Haitian Revolution)
  • The Battle of Vertieres, in essence, paved the way for the abolition of slavery in other countries around the world.
  • Haiti became the first country in the world to rid of European Colonialists
  • The Haitian Revolution is the only successful slave revolt in the entire world

November 18 is celebrated in Haiti as Battle of Vertières' Day but honestly, it should be celebrated in every country who benefited directly or indirectly from this great battle.

Young Haitian, learn your history.

You will be proud, I guarantee it.

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Hasenet says...



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Joel Charles says...

Men nou

Si le peuple haitien dire :"men nou" ce serait beau mai snous n'avons pas de men-En Haiti il y a :
1-neg save avec neg

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Edner Saint-amour says...

Revilisyon plon gaye twa nan yonn

Sous le

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Julien Jonathan says...

Souvenons-nous de

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Lovely says...

i realy prod to be a haitien no matter what, i would love to know more about haitian history where can i

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Jean Francois Lazarre says...

haitian toute tan for life i love my country map toujou renmen ayiti cherie mem si yo bow charge pote mwen love ou

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