The Wyclef Factor

The Wyclef Factor

How will Wyclef as candidate for president of Haiti affect the Haiti Presidential elections?

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The Associated Press has just confirmed that Wyclef Jean is about to announce his candidacy for president of Haiti.

Read: AP Confirms, Wyclef WILL Run For President

[b]The Wyclef Factor -[bb] Although Wyclef has not officially announced his candidacy for President of Haiti, Haitian politicians are in fear that Wyclef Jean as a presidential candidate may mean the end of their campaign.

Read: Haitian Politicians Fear Wyclef Could Win In A Landslide!

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Garry says...

He is a great spokesman for Haiti but president, I don't know.
Haiti need someone to force them to do. He can be the best rolemodel for our youths.

Make them believe in hardworking and civics.

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Moreau Oscar says...

Ras Oscar is for for clef president
twop politisyen vole an ayti

viv clef president pou 5

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