PHOTO: Reginald Boulos, Homme d'Affaire Haitien

PHOTO: Reginald Boulos, Homme d'Affaire Haitien

Here is a photo of Haitian businessman Reginald Boulos during an interview at a radio station in Haiti.

Reginald Boulos is the owner of the Delimart chains in Haiti, among other things.

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A few weeks after loosing millions of dollars in his Delimart supermarket chains vandalized and set on fire during a violent protest weekend in Haiti, businessman Reginald Boulos says he is not giving up. HBoulos comes up with a plan to reopen all his Delimart stores within 24 months.

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Watch this video... Big Haitian businessman Reginald Boulos (DELIMART) gave an exclusive interview where he explains his rags to riches story and says some things that you may or may not agree with about life in Haiti, rich vs poor, and more...

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