Mayi Boukannen Haiti (Grilled corn)

Mayi Boukannen Haiti (Grilled corn)

Look at this photo... 2 corns on the cob being grilled on top of a Haitian charcoal stove.

Grilled corn on the cob is called Mayi boukannen in Haitian Creole. It is a favorite snack in Haiti, especially during the rainy season when corn is abundant in Haiti.

Gade photo saa... 2 mayi ki ap boukannen sou dife Haiti. Epòk Mayi an Haiti ou jwen mayi boukannen tout kote an Haiti.

Si-w ap viv nan diaspora-a mwen konnen ti photo saa ap fe-w sonje peyi-w... LOL...

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In Haiti, one of cheapest and most good for you food you can buy in the streets is Mayi Boukannen, simple grilled corn on the cob. For as little as $5 Haitian gourdes, you can eat your grilled corn an be on your way.

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