Mario Batali and Bill Clinton in Haiti

Mario Batali and Bill Clinton in Haiti

Here is a photo of celebrity chef Mario Batali and Bill Clinton in Haiti.

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American celebrity chef Mario Batali tweets: "Haiti.. Wow.!!!!!!! Massive business potential !!!" during his first time visit to Haiti with Bill Clinton yesterday.

Read: The Danger in Haiti is Very Overplayed, says celebrity chef Mario Batali

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Geo says...

The danger exists for sure, especially for the natives whose lives and liberty have, historically, been disrespected by one government after another!
The 2 Duvalier regimes, Papa Doc & Baby Doc, 1957-1986, were responsible for the arrests, tortures and deaths of thousands of innocent citizens!
So many disappeared, without a trace, mainly after being taken to Fort Dimanche, "Dungeon of

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