Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso - Kidnapped by Clifford Brandt?

Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso - Kidnapped by Clifford Brandt?

Here is a photo of Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso, allegedly kidnapped by Clifford Brandt in Haiti.

Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso were found ALIVE by Haitian police in an abandoned bathroom at a house that Clifford Brand took them to after his arrest.

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It's been a while since anyone heard about kidnappings in Haiti but, lately, news of kidnappings have resurfaces in the country, in places you wouldn't believe.

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Great News... Kidnapping is at an all time LOW in Haiti - A couple of years ago, kidnapping was Haiti's last name... Nowadays there are more FAKE kidnappings reported in Haiti (people who pretend to be kidnapped then turn around and defraud family members in the diaspora asking them to send money to pay ransom) than the real thing, according the latest news reports from Haiti...

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Watch the VIDEO footage of the arrest of Clifford Brandt in Haiti, the rich businessman accused of kidnapping. The video also shows the live Rescue operation by Haitian police unit BRI (Brigade de Recherche et d'Intervention) to save the victims.

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Nicolas Moscoso is the name of one of the Moscoso children kidnapped in Haiti by rich businessman Clifford Brandt. Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso were...

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