Haiti President Michel Martelly Planting a Tree

Haiti President Michel Martelly Planting a Tree

Here is a photo of Haitian president Michel Martelly planting a tree in Haiti. Haiti aims to plant 1.2 million trees in a single day, May 1st 2013

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There is a BIG event happening in Haiti today... 1.2 million trees will be planted in a single day, May 1 2013.

Read: Haitians Will Plant 1.2 Million Trees Today, May 1 2013

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Ti Joe says...

Tout ti pye bwa sa yo ki plante chak 1er Mai, fet agriculture, an Haiti...

Eske yo grandi?

Eske yo vinn tounen gwo pye bwa...

Chak ane on tande yon million ti pye bwa ap plante Haiti epi pa janm gen swivi ki

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Kenol Aris says...

It is always good to start somewhere.

I am very glad that we realize at last that something has to be done to protect this land over which the politicians are fighting.

I hope this is not " another political demagogy ",but steps will be taken to help these trees grow. A journey of 1000 steps starts with the first one, which is very important...Brothers and sisters, fellow Haitians, let's do something together for this land we all cherish...

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Jean Catulle says...

I congratulate you because we offer the most precious gift of nature that can make smile.

but can we take care of and protect this gift for a new Haiti tomorrow.

This fairy glad to send this poem to all Haitian supported this wonderful project.

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