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Can distant cousins marry in Haiti?

Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone knows if distant cousins ever become lovers and/or marry in Haiti? more »

Sport: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi et Neymar les 3 finalistes pour the best FIFA awards 2017

La FIFA a dévoilé les 3 finalistes pour le titre de joueur de l'année 2017 « The Best FIFA Awards », ce vendredi 22... more »

FLASH: Manifestan ap volè bannann malerez nan Mache Hinche la - Manifestation 20 Septembre 2017

Nan ville Hinche Haiti, Manifestan ap vole zafè ti peyizan yo nan mache a jounen Mercredi 20 Septanm 2017 la. Jodi a se jou mache hinche, yon... more »

Haiti: If you missed your appointment at the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince because of Hurricane IRMA, read this...

Read this Message from the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti regarding appointments missed because of Hurricane Irma: Applicants who had... more »

Flooding begins already in the North East of Haiti early Wednesday Morning.

8:03 am Wednesday, Reporter Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald posts a photo on twitter with the twees: "How vulnerable is Haiti? It's already... more »

Lots of rain in Plateau Central Haiti ahead of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Update: It's 10:48 am Wednesday Sept 07 and already there is lots of rain in the Centre Department of Haiti (Plateau Central). Local... more »

Haiti - Canada : Plusieurs Haitiens ont pris à la lettre le message du premier ministre Justin Trudeau

Des centaines de demandeurs d'asile haïtiens ont pris à la lettre le message du premier ministre Justin Trudeau, le 28 janvier dernier... more »

Get more minutes now with Digicel Top up.

DIGICEL HAITI ONLINE TOP UP is the esiest way to get minutes. Klike sou link ki sa a pou plus information. bit.ly more »

School is about to open

Greeting my fellow people, Schools are about to open. How can we help the children of Haiti? I already purchased 30 bookbags to donate to Haiti I... more »

4 Reasons You Should Worry About the U.S. Economy

Should Haitian-Americans worry about the US Economy? YES... Here are 4 reasons why. Read this... 4 Reasons You Should Worry About the U.S. Economy... more »