Je pense que c'est une excellente idée que la...

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Je pense que c'est une excellente idée que la rénovation du Palais à 365 portes ça va faire une attration touristique de plus pour le touriste
Bonne idée

Normand Trudel, May 7 2013, 5:17 PM

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Topic: Rehabilitation of Haiti's Palais Aux 365 Portes Begins

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I think our President is showing himself very intellectual by this action and we praised him for that. Sa pa travay yon moun fou. Joseph Michel... read more >
Lionel Vernet, 7-May-13 4:25 pm
I think it's a wonderful initiative by the government to rehabilitate one of your landmark. It is about time that someone take the lead for change... read more >
Ludner Charles, 7-May-13 4:38 pm
I remember the restoration of this monument was a project back in the years 87-88 when I was working at ISPAN. It's a good initiative and I think... read more >
Paatrick Gaspard, 7-May-13 5:17 pm
Je pense que c'est une excellente idee que la renovation du Palais a 365 portes ca va faire une attration touristique de plus pour le touriste Bonne... read more >
Normand Trudel, 7-May-13 5:17 pm
I congratulate the Martelly-Lamothe government for doing whatever they can to take care of our landmarks, true source of our pride as a people. read more >
Ernst Azemar, 7-May-13 6:56 pm
I like the ideal, I know U.N.P.D have been trying many times with this project. I hope this time its a reality. read more >
Max, 7-May-13 7:28 pm
This is a great idea this place if i got money i will buy it to make money and give people work read more >
John, 8-May-13 6:36 am
wonderful! Mr. President, I congratulate you for doing such a great job to bring Haiti's culture and land scape into the for front of the world... read more >
Jean Claude, 8-May-13 12:24 pm


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