The gas is selling, the funny thing the gas stations can not...

Patrick Princivil - April 13 2013, 2:28 PM

The gas is selling, the funny thing the gas stations can not even have it. My question today is when Haiti will be a country?

the police pretend say they don't want people sell gas on the street of Haiti, it looks like a game for the Haitian's people, before I criticized the Haitian's police, but I discover it's not their fault at this point: some of them complaint about the government of Haitians, they don't paid them sometimes for four months, what they will it. When they get pay they will give better services.

If they sell justice in Haiti, what can we do?

The nation of Haiti don't respect the Haitian's police I don't know why?

they don't get pay, they have to it. Haitian's people! if you send somebody in the jail of Haiti, you will have to pay heavy money to the police's station under the table to push them to keep them in the jail until you find justice, but if this person have more money than you, he will pass from the front door to the police's station and go home to the back door of the police station.

Now what happen?

if the poor can not find justice kidnapping, killing and more. (nimporte ti grain sale pakab President en Haiti vre non)

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