I'm looking foward to the improvement of Carrefour road it's...

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I'm looking foward to the improvement of Carrefour road it's long over due!

Samuel Frederique, April 2 2013, 6:57 PM

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Topic: Elevated Roads Are Coming Haiti

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c'est un reve si toute fois le gouvernement en place arrive a realiser un tel projet je serai le premier a reelu le president tet kale pour 5... read more >
Paul Joseph Robenson, 2-Apr-13 2:25 pm
I think is overdue we have nice clubs, hotels and building business just to name a few why not nice roads to get to where we are going to cut back... read more >
Luna Fleur, 2-Apr-13 2:39 pm
This is PROGRESS in the making!!! I think it's fabulous, great project. Can't wait to ride on it on my next trip. read more >
Tica, 2-Apr-13 3:21 pm
Building road in Haiti is one of my payer requests before God for the country, Electricity and water. Those three above are important. May God... read more >
Calixte Guerrier, 2-Apr-13 6:21 pm
I'm looking foward to the improvement of Carrefour road it's long over due! read more >
Samuel Frederique, 2-Apr-13 6:57 pm
While we are welcoming this great news for our beloved Haiti, we must keep our eyes opened so these projects can be finished. You know that in... read more >
Dave Louis, 2-Apr-13 9:01 pm
Infrastructure is the key, Numero Uno, to any sustainable development. We have been scrawling all along, it is time to stand up and walk. Port au... read more >
Mr Ledarp, 3-Apr-13 7:43 am
I always wondered why this never happened before. All it takes, besides a good integrated planification, plan study, etc... is, in his execution... read more >
Gerald Jean, 3-Apr-13 8:35 am
mwen menm mwen bouke ak rout mwen ta renmen bato kap menen mwen jakmel, okap, Jeremy o kay poum chita byen a lez, mwen fet nan yon zil, lanme se de... read more >
Miejo, 3-Apr-13 10:15 am
Wow, it is time for Haiti to catch up to the rest of the world community.This is great news for all who love Haiti.Now, someone will be able to move... read more >
Jean Rhau, 3-Apr-13 11:13 am
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