Sir/Madam As I was reading through your post, a cold chill had...

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As I was reading through your post, a cold chill had ran down through my spine and goose bumps started to grow all over me, to see how you've narrated this story and even used a diagram to show that you are related too.

I can think of so many other places which have so much potential and could be a goldmine for lack of better word let's say "the next great destination for the tourism industry not just for white colored tourists but we the native from the diaspora could encourage a friend to come and visit" BUT..." When I look at Fort- Jacques and Fort Alexandre, Lac azeui just to names a few it's gut wrenching that we have such a lack true grits or the testicular fortitude to even think 25 to 50 years down the road. (excuse my french)Why are those two historical monuments are so dilapidated, abused, neglected, Why there's no toilets nearby, why there's not even a one bedroom hotel within 50 miles radius.

so many why, why, why, why. and near by there's an old factory and also it was used during the Duvalier era as a trade school where so many young men used to be trained.

Since after 1986.

they stole all the equipments, the metal roof was also stolen.

NOW, THE BIG QUESTION: Why can't WE Haitians get together and form a partnership as an investment group and start to build some small hotels around the country with modern comforts and convients.

Why do we have to wait on the Americans and the Dominicans to do everything for us, aren't we men get up every morning and put our pants and boots on the same way. Why that small aiport in Hinche had to be in such dire shape?

why the's no Haitians investor willing to invest in rehabilitating and securing this Airport.

( Nou pa vle Innove!
"nous sommes une nation de stagnation" rassit et complaisants "afin que nous secoue cette mentalité Acquise de tergiverser" nos modes de pensée doivent être reformatés, reconfiguré et recalibré! il n'y a pas d'autres moyens autour d'elle.

C'EST MAINTENANT OU JAMAIS! ) (We at haitforward, we are raising an army of "rare Haitians/conscience minded " an army that can not be brought or intimidated.

We shall never stretched our hands to ask or accept donations! it's our duty to answer the call of building a legacy and shape our future.

this can not be done by no other but us.We want to feel the pain of planting, so we can proudly reap and eat.

Also, we want to plant our future so we can proudly reap the harvest and have the sense of self worth.

We now, solemnly swear to never let our neighbors plant and for us to provide the physical labors or be their mules.

Also, shall never be waiting with a hand out ! We shall rise early in the morning and stayed up late in our fields and plant more and better than our neighbors and build bigger storehouses and preserve our future for our nation and the one that will come after us.We shall leave behind the blueprint of our success to them and encourage them to pass it on to the next generations.

It is not a sin if you do not know the rules and regulations of our existence.

Now, the rules of engagement has been distributing to you, go and fulfill your mission.

Godspeed !
This is what we are all about at haitiforward.)

Molliere Jr Anneus, March 28 2013, 4:22 PM

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Sir/Madam As I was reading through your post, a cold chill had ran down through my spine and goose bumps started to grow all over me, to see how... read more >
Molliere Jr Anneus, 28-Mar-13 4:22 pm


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