Yes it is somewhat true:"pa gin lafumin san du feu". But by...

Bernadette - September 12 2012, 10:08 PM

Yes it is somewhat true:"pa gin lafumin san du feu".

But by the same token strong accusations without non-circumstantial evidence can stripped the shirt off of one's back. Understandably, newspapers are always looking for outrageous and sensational stories.

It is good business for them. Let us supposed they make five Million dollars selling stories false or true. They get sued for two-three Million, they still make a profit of two-three Million, give or take.
I truly wish that we could concentrate more on building Haiti up instead of tearing people down. Haiti is almost at the brink of extinction and we are repeating more of the same as we always do in the past...truly amazing!

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L'horreur se poursuit...le vol et la vente de tout ce...

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