At CV -- You very well detailed the reality of Haiti's social...

Bernadette - June 26 2012, 2:25 PM

At CV -- You very well detailed the reality of Haiti's social problems.

You have described in its entirety what a culture is. You are right about that; No one can dispute Haiti does not have a culture.

Haiti has a rich one at that.
You also made to point how Haiti's youth is falling for the "blings" of other cultures mainly western ones. Now, that was my point.

That everything has a price.

One of the main reasons the youth of any country like to dress alike and think they are making their own vocabulary is to give them a sense of belonging, they are forming a culture within their respective countries.

Fortunately or unfortunately that youth subculture does not last too long, usually a decade or a decade and a half is their shelf life. Then, the next generation starts anew thinking they are making their brand...Asia, particularly Japan deals with this issue very well. The youth is allowed to have the tattoos, the pierced body along with the fashionable clothing fad BUT at home within the family circle, they have to wear the traditional kimono and made to use proper language.

I don't believe everything about Haiti and Haitians needs to be seen only through the prism of poverty.

Leave this notion to politicians and special interest people who need to see Haiti in that light in order to make their point across.

Haiti should be seen as humane, compassionate, astute to its problem but not necessarily defined solely by its problems.

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