Everybody can go on with what we lost in the process. That is...

Bernadette - June 25 2012, 10:55 PM

Everybody can go on with what we lost in the process.

That is exactly the problem.

No one is contemplating what to give to get what we want. Like I said before, we are not slaves anymore, meaning we are responsible for our own well beings.

Everything has a price, it is a matter of calculating on how much it is going to cost and can we afford that cost, if we can't, what are other alternatives that are available and how can we get the same thing at a cheaper price in terms of spiritual, cultural, social and monetary.

Nothing is for free, everything costs something, whether you pay in money or in kind does not matter.

We like to mention "CULTURE".

What does that mean to everybody?

We have foreign culture permeates every step of our cultural heritage in Haiti.

Take a look at what the youth wears, feels, talk about, eat, love, etc, than you might realize it could have been any place else, planet earth.

This cultural identity we may refer to might be gone forever because we live in a very diversify and inter connected world.

That cultural world, we talk about might be just an illusion and a matter of perception.

Reality, on the other hand may be very different.

When we are dealing with people in a society, we MUST DEAL WITH REALITY.

Perception is fine in personal lives but not in collective lives.

Good account of what is instead of what ought to be are different realities.

Keep that in mind.

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