Finally I was worried sick wonder what could possibly happened...

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Finally I was worried sick wonder what could possibly happened to you, now you back knowing that you okay, all I can glad that you back.Big hands for for you, Ican wait to see what you got for us.
I love you woody..

Doune, May 30 2012, 11:43 AM

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Topic: Hey, It's Woody. Did you Miss me?

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WOW. I am so glad to hear from you I kind off missed you. But I understand we all need to take care of ourselves, so we can give our best to others... read more >
Mireille, 30-May-12 10:30 am
Obviously Woodring, you were missed a lot. I have never considered your mail as junk mail.It is always delightful to read your messages. Please keep... read more >
Marie, 30-May-12 11:22 am
Missed you! I look forward to reading my emails from you. Glad you took time for yourself but now it's time to come back! Please keep us updated on... read more >
Brenda From Canada, 30-May-12 11:39 am
Finally I was worried sick wonder what could possibly happened to you,now you back knowing that you okay,all I can glad that you back.Big hands for... read more >
Doune, 30-May-12 11:43 am
I'm glad you're back. I miss reading you e-mails. I began to wonder if you had just abandonned and not letting us know all the " juicy zin" about... read more >
Emmanuelle, 30-May-12 12:01 pm
I miss you a lot and welcome back. I feel Haiti now because of your comeback. I wish everything is fix now. read more >
Eugene Delinois, 30-May-12 12:11 pm
I suspected that you had some kind of a personal issue and knew you would be back soon. Anyway your emails were never junk or unappreciated. Welcome... read more >
Bernadette, 30-May-12 12:11 pm
Yes I did miss you.I wish to continue receive your information.Ki sak te pase.Poutet mesaj ou,mwen ouvri e-mail mwen chak jou,pafwa menm fwa nan... read more >
Duly Oxceva, 30-May-12 12:45 pm
You bet I missed you. I was concerned. What if they shot up the Radio station? What if...? I am American. I an not the diaspora. But I just got back... read more >
Floyd Herdrich, 30-May-12 12:54 pm
Hi brother I been thinking what happend to you woodring,so next time when you are about to take you'r hannymoon let us know man.(joking)happy to be... read more >
Harold Fleurine, 30-May-12 12:58 pm
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