You know, I've been monitoring all the hype nrsuourding the...

Dulces - April 1 2012, 7:16 AM

You know, I've been monitoring all the hype nrsuourding the 2012 doomsday prophecies.

I've watched all the shows, have been to all the websites and blogs, and have researched all the literature.

I've come to a conclusion, the conspiracists are very accurate! I don't believe that a large community of believers, including the Mayans, the Chinese, and others could have just taken a shot in the dark here. I mean, really, how could they be so accurate?

Predicting the increase of natural disasters and economic depression within a 3 year time frame (2009-2012, is quite impressive and even more convincing.

And I don't want to hear plate tectonics, 2 major earthquakes in 2 months! A pacific-wide tsunami warning! Coincidence, some may think so, but it is because they are either afraid or much too ignorant to realize these possible warnings of a transformation yet to come. Remember, no organism, with the exception of some types of Achaea bacteria (very ancient bacterial life) have been around since the beginning.

Species have come, and they have gone. It's true, humans as a species have a better chance of survival than our extinct predecessors, but to say that extinction events caused by nature, solar activity, or any other type of phenomenon is silly well that's just silly in itself.

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