Origin Of Haiti Cholera Outbreak FOUND!

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Jd says...

Thank you for such great info. This is huge...it will really help as I continue my thesis research on the cholera outbreak and the healthcare system... more »

Harold Fleurine says...

I truely congratilate you for those such informations,now nobody can denied that information because it is true and theirs keep lying to the world... more »

Roseline says...

pou kissa michel martelly pa fe minusta yo alle, li te di sa na kanpay li,se sa ki pa bon an. mim kouniea lap achete yo.li te di lap fe yo ale,li pa... more »

Damebochie says...

Probably nothing....It's Haiti. I am surprised they even take the time to confirm it was from Nepal. Like it was not obvious enough that Minustah ba... more »

Wilfrid Nelson says...

what could we do other then talk on here or some othere website? as the DIASPORA we may not want to but we could solve the whole thing by ourself... more »

Batuhan says...

Encantada!I am totally ruastewck by how you captured the spirit of my trip into the hinterlands of Mexico. I can almost feel the adobe walls... more »