Let me tell you my friend business is business, the other...

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Let me tell you my friend business is business, the other ethnic groups that I mentioned early would act differently, that one of the reason make them the most powerfull, because they know how to treat customer, its not because they like the customers, but they know how to do bussiness in order to take the money from the customers.once you doing bussines there no such thing like"time consuming" the customers always has priority, because without the customer you will be out of business.Whatever;pennies, nickels,quarters, dimes all are money, show the customer you appreciate the fact they're take service from your business.

Yolanda, December 23 2011, 10:48 AM

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Topic: Are You Embarrassed When You Have To Pay With Nickels and Dimes?

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Lolll read more >
Gigie, 23-Dec-11 10:10 am
Let me tell you my friend business is business,the other ethnic groups that I mentioned early would act differently,that one of the reason make them... read more >
Yolanda, 23-Dec-11 10:48 am
lol...every cents counts...I would be embarrassed at first but hey we are in a recession...please it could of been worst... read more >
Msvirgile, 23-Dec-11 2:40 pm
Oh my God, it's look like you're talking about my sad experience! The other day, after a hard double shift in my job, one of my kids called me and... read more >
Marygharlynn, 23-Dec-11 4:20 pm
I Think money is money.and i would never feel embarasedd to count my nickles & dimes.Of course people will always look at you funny the minute you... read more >
Ronald Trenard, 23-Dec-11 4:22 pm
IMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO whooooo reading this story had me crying laughing. I had to send this to other ppl bc it was just to... read more >
Katypier, 27-Dec-11 10:07 pm
I don't usually comment on the things you post, but this one is hilarious! Shame on the lady that was looking at you funny in the other car... But... read more >
Nadine, 6-Jan-12 11:35 am
truthfly, money is money if it wasn't worth anything the government would have bann it from the public to use. i went to haiti last summer in july... read more >
Soranne, 9-Jan-12 12:42 am
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