armed forces in hinche haiti

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Yes I do know Lieutenant Galbaud, he did hold some kind of Financial
position when I was there.

He was one of the best man. Where is he now?

I was there on Major Dekine time. Major Dekine was the inspector for the Hinche Department and it was good at that time. Three years ago, I was in Hinche trying to get the people to vote me in for the next presidential

But I did not go because I had financial problem.

Hinche is
my favorite country, so quiet and peaceful.

One of these days I will probably
go back to Hinche because I have many friends over there.

May Grace and Peace
from the Lord be with you from now one and ever more. Thanks
Calixte Guerrier, pastor

Calixte Guerrier Pastor, December 2 2011, 4:31 PM

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