This poster has spoken the true wisdom. Just letting...

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This poster has spoken the true wisdom.

Just letting everything stay in chaos "until", is nothing more than a political ploy to allow the powers that be to keep the funds that the world has donated, and to do nothing that doesn't benefit themselves.

Of course the infrastructure must be rebuilt! In my humble opinion men all over the world including Haiti need to be rebuilt, to do the very things you have suggested.

Work (which cannot be done unless jobs are created!), obey the laws of the land, (which means an honest justice system that has integrity), respect women and children (provide security for families because the inner man has been "changed").

So, rebuilding homes, schools, business, churches, etc, must be done WHILE rebuilding the mindset of the people.

Turning to God is the true answer of course, and it is up to human beings to do what they can as the Lord does what He does. Lord, send revival to Haiti!.

Kathleen, August 22 2011, 1:36 PM

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Topic: Rebuild The Haitian Man, A Haiti Reconstruction Requirement

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Maxo Louis Jean, 19-Jul-11 7:20 pm
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Myrtho, 20-Jul-11 8:25 am
tout a fait, nous devons revaloriser l'homme en l'haitien la tache est difficile non pas impossible.chacun de nous a cette mission, c'est maintenant... read more >
Miejo, 20-Jul-11 3:50 pm
Same way they were forced to be the way they are, they will have to be forced the other way. Force the to respect the law till they get used to it... read more >
Garry Destin, 20-Jul-11 5:27 pm
I truly appreciate the thought behind that soul searching concept: "The mind of the Haitian man must be rebuilt". Mainly because when i visited... read more >
Ronald Altieri, 23-Jul-11 10:35 am
Building Haiti willbring more hope to Haitian man read more >
Marie, 25-Jul-11 9:55 am
I agree 100%, you have to not only rebuild his physical mentality and without a doubt, renew their mindset and God is the only one who will be able... read more >
Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome, 26-Jul-11 5:07 am
Service De Letat, 27-Jul-11 7:29 pm
This poster has spoken the true wisdom. Just letting everything stay in chaos "until", is nothing more than a political ploy to allow the powers... read more >
Kathleen, 22-Aug-11 1:36 pm
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