Good Article "Rebuilt the Haitian Man" through education...

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Good Article "Rebuilt the Haitian Man" through education


Vintage, July 19 2011, 11:51 AM

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Topic: Rebuild The Haitian Man, A Haiti Reconstruction Requirement

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Hello: My name is Franco from Green Building Tchnology Westminster CO. I would like to send you an invitation to an event in the Litle Haiti Art... read more >
Franco, 19-Jul-11 11:17 am
As you said above rebuild the Haitian man is not a simple topic but a vast and a long term topic indeed. But that doesn't say we cannot begin with... read more >
Max Mills, 19-Jul-11 11:47 am
Good Article "Rebuilt the Haitian Man" through education....................Vintage! read more >
Vintage, 19-Jul-11 11:51 am
I couldn't have agreed more. Well thought and said President Martelly. Haiti is just a space. Changing Haiti is really changing the Haitian men and... read more >
Damebochie, 19-Jul-11 12:22 pm
First, let me thank you for your devotion at informing us about our Motherland, Haiti.The right way to rebuild the Haitian man starts with you, dear... read more >
Lionel Vernet, 19-Jul-11 12:38 pm
DREAMING IS GREAT REALITY IS ANOTHER STORY How can we rebuilt Haitian man with out justice.We know for a fact those people or family whom own... read more >
Ben, 19-Jul-11 1:02 pm
it is very important in every society to teach people about what it takes to be good citizens. This can only takes place when first that person... read more >
Jean Claude, 19-Jul-11 1:19 pm
The President hit it right on the head.look at the state of the capital,and all the senators care about is to give him a hard time.Let me give u an... read more >
Dr Fleury, 19-Jul-11 2:22 pm
Rebuild the Haitian man is easy,the president is right we do not need billion of dollars to do that or the help of others.We need only some honest... read more >
Sergo Jean, 19-Jul-11 3:08 pm
You can rebuild the Haitian man simply by educated him. How you going to give up on your on blood line. If Haitian peoples were white race will the... read more >
Nixon Dauphine, 19-Jul-11 4:04 pm
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